Community links: All about the author edition


This is a close up image of Jim Bellows (related to one of the links below). If you don't know who Jim Bellows is, go to Wikipedia and learn something.

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving (in the US) and that means only two things: a lot of turkey sandwiches for lunch, and a lunch eaten while poking through the weekend’s WordPress community links. We can’t help you with the turkey, since distributing cold cuts to all of our subscribers is a wee bit beyond our power at this point.

Maybe next year.

Let’s get straight to those links; we have WordPress related stories in big publications, a number of solid resources, and, according to sources, the links are around 50% clickier this week. We assume it’s to celebrate Cyber Monday.

In blog posts this week:

In tutorials and resource posts this week:

That’s it for links this week. If you run across something link worthy, don’t hesitate to let us know about it. If it’s worth a story we’ll jump on it, and if it’s best suited for a community news post it will show up in this space next week.

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