Aaron Brazell (technosailor) on the WP Engine blog


In the interview Brazell said something interesting about WordPress consulting prices:

As more and more big names jump on the WordPress bandwagon, ticket prices on consultant work is still giving people sticker shock. It’s less so that way than a year ago, but as WordPress implements more and more CMS features instead of Bloggy features, organizations are looking harder at WordPress for solutions. Professionals get to charge lots of money because they’re professionals and the perception that “cheap web dev labor” is still the way to go, is a mentality that we have to continue to combat.

Both this and the Gary Jones interview I linked earlier are worth a read, and not just because both said they read WPCandy.

2 thoughts on “Aaron Brazell (technosailor) on the WP Engine blog

  1. I have an issue with the whole “cheap web dev labor” & Professionals get to charge lots of money because they’re professionals.

    First of all, a lot of people can’t afford $10,000 fees.
    Second of all, if you call yourself a professional then you are not one, your clients should be the ones calling you that.

    I charge different prices. One of the latest experiments I am trying is $39.95 per month (hosting/domain/maintenance all included in one price). Clients like it.

    I have about 12 different packages that I charge depending on client. I work a lot with non-profits/charities which I charge on the lower end of scale like the $39.95 per month, corporate clients I charge a lot more.

    I just don’t like developers who get bitchy with the rest of us who go on the cheaper end of scale.

    Different clients have different budgets.

    • I think you’re misunderstanding what he’s talking about. He (we?) doesn’t give two licks what you charge; he’s talking about combating the perception that you and him should charge the same low price because WordPress is free, despite the difference in experience and expertise.

      Your odd definition of ‘professional’ notwithstanding, I would caution you not to go on the defensive so quickly, especially in regards to someone so influential in our community. There’s plenty of room for everyone, charging as much as their skills and references allow.

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