One thought on “A WordPress “Codex Night” at the Portland Meetup Group

  1. Thanks for the mention of the WordPress Codex evening at WordPress Meetup PDX. We followed up with a day long Codex party and had a bunch of people come over to my little forest in the woods and we tore through the Codex with a vengeance. It was so much fun.

    Once people understood how the WordPress Codex worked, and got over their fear of making changes, it was so exciting to see the RUSH when they fixed the spelling or added a category, or did something even more complicated – or simple. All levels of experience with writing, editing, and WordPress are welcome on the WordPress Codex docs team.

    I challenge all WordPress Meetups to have their own WordPress Codex event and give everyone a chance to contribute to WordPress in their own way. It’s really fun!

    Also, thank you for the continuing enthusiastic support for the WordPress college credit courses I’m teaching at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, right across from Portland, Oregon. Registration for the public is now open for the summer quarter and we’re really close to the final stages of getting the course approved as a core curriculum foundation class at the college. Very exciting stuff!

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