Editorial Policy

WPCandy is an independent blog about WordPress and WordPress-related projects.

Reviews and review items

Reviews may be written based on products provided to WPCandy, or with products we purchase ourselves. These details are included at the bottom of every review post, after the rating. All review products are given away to WPCandy readers whenever possible. Products sent to WPCandy are not guaranteed to be reviewed..

Sponsorships and affiliate codes

WPCandy does not accept paid content, and will only publish a post if we deem it of interest to our blog’s community. Affiliate codes and referral links are never used within WPCandy content.

Read more in our affiliate policy.

What we publish

We have chosen to only cover GPL compliant plugins and themes on this blog. This does not include hosted services, where nothing is distributed and therefore does not require being licensed under the GPL.

So we cover split licensed GPL and fully GPL distributed themes and plugins. This is in agreement with the Software Freedom Law Center, who determined that CSS, graphics, and other files that don’t directly interact with WordPress may fall under a different license.

Changes and edits

We reserve the right to edit, change, or remove content at any point, at our discretion.


If you have any questions regarding the WPCandy Editorial Policy, or would like clarification on an issue, please contact us.