Interview with Seth Shoultes of Event Espresso


I’m excited to share an interview with Seth Shoultes, the creator of the Event Espresso plugin. I’m excited for three reasons:

  1. This is the first addition to the Indie Interview Series this year.
  2. This is the first time I’ve interviewed a developer making a living primarily off of a WordPress plugin, and not a theme.
  3. Seth is a fun guy, and we had a good time chatting.

In the interview, embedded after the jump, we discussed where Event Espresso came from, the process of leaving his job to be his own boss, and what the landscape looks like for developers interested in making money off of WordPress plugins. There’s also talk of marketing, when to give discounts, and the biggest support pains sprinkled throughout as well.

If you are interested in WordPress plugins, working for yourself, or get excited by those passionate about WordPress (that covers all of you, right?) then you will enjoy this interview.

You can follow Seth at his blog and on Twitter. Oh, you should probably check out Event Espresso too!

6 thoughts on “Interview with Seth Shoultes of Event Espresso

  1. I never thought a simple event plugin would increase my sales the way it has, but because of Seth’s support we got it up and running very quickly and my customers love it.

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  3. Thanks for giving a behind the scenes glimpse of Seth. He is a sweet guy and I wish him many successes. I purchased Event Espresso a few months ago and I’m looking forward to growing with them.

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