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Project Hosting, a hosting service provided by’s Small Potato, isn’t your ordinary host. Capping off at 120 slots, Project Hosting ensures quality hosting. For $20 a month, you’ll receive 1GB of storage, 40GB of bandwidth, and a ton of other great features. You may think that’s a lot of money for what you’re getting. But with Project H, you’re actually getting what you pay for. With other hosts, there’s no telling what you really get.

As soon as I had saw Project Hosting launched, I thought, wow I’ve gotta try this out! And as most of you know from my last post on Project H, that’s exactly what I did. For the whole month of December, I tested out Project Hosting first hand. Continue reading to find out my experiences.

On November 29th, I contacted Small Potato and asked him a few simple questions about Project H. Within 2 hours and 10 minutes exactly (I checked my e-mail archives), he politely responded and answered my questions. The next day, I went on over to WPDesigner and ordered my hosting. And so it began…

After I ordered my hosting package, I got a few confirmation e-mails and what-not. I logged into my Client Area and SP had already opened a Support Ticket asking for my other host’s login details. I replied with my login details and within 18 and a half hours (checked my e-mail) all my files and domains were migrated from my Site5 (my old host) to my new sever. I did a quick check of the site and everything was perfect. Impressive support, huh?

But I didn’t want to stop there. I decided to further test his support by opening a couple of support tickets. He responded, every time, within an hour or so with the exact answer I was looking for. I was pretty amazed, seeing as I never got that with my old host.

So now here I am, a month and a few days later, happy as a person can be with Project Hosting. I’ve had zero down time and no problems whatsoever. And I’ve also decided to continue being hosted with Project H (and I will be until my funds become limited).

If I’d have to give Project H a rating, I would definitely give it a 10/10. So if you’re in need of a new host, or just looking for new hosts to try out (for some reason), give Project H a try.

Note: As I’ve said before, I wasn’t payed to write this post and I get nothing out of it.

7 thoughts on “Project Hosting Review

  1. From what you’ve mentioned, it looks like Project H is indeed a good hosting provider. However, for those of us who can’t afford the $20/month tab, which one can you recommend?

    Btw, you also mentioned that you were previously hosted at Site5. Would you recommend them or not? Thanks!

  2. Great review Michael. Keep us updated about your experiences with Project Hosting, good or bad.

    If you can’t afford the PH is charging. I would highly recommend base on my own experience. I’ve been with HZ for about a year and a half now, so far so great. The tech support answers all the questions you might have in a lightning fast manner. When I posted a ticket it takes about 15 mins to get a reply from support. HZ knows how to take care of their costumers. You might want to check them out yourself.

  3. I’m hosted at (mt) Media Temple and am happy with them. The major problem with (mt) recently (as in like 2 months ago), is that they had 6 hour scheduled maintenance/downtime. While this really sucked, it was going to improve our service a lot. It was going to be okay, it was the middle of the night (but still downtime). Their maintenance failed, and took 12 hours total on Grid.Cluster.1. Since then, there has been no downtime. Other than that one thing, I’m happy. I got dugg, and my site didn’t slow down one bit (and I wasn’t using any plugins for caching, just WP caching at the time!). Also, a friends article got dugg, and had a 4MB file linked in the article that was on my server. I got about 3000 downloads of that file within a day or two, and (mt) didn’t care. With all of that, i’m really happy with them, although I am considering giving Project Hosting a try, because it sounds really good.

    @Jaypee: I’ve heard Site5 gets mad if you host a java IRC chatroom on your site (not a server, just a room), but thats just a rumor. I’ve heard they aren’t the greatest from a few people.

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