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To kick-start WPCandy, we decided to interview Matt Mullenweg! For those of you who don’t know, Matt is the founding developer of WordPress. So let’s skip all this talking and dive right into the interview!

1. What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is free software for making websites, particularly blogs. It’s used by everyone from normal people like you and me to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

2. How did the idea of WordPress come about?

WordPress was based on similar software that preceded it call b2, so it began as a continuation of that code base but with more a focus on ease of use.

3. How much does WordPress cost?

It’s completely free.

4. How did you come up with a name for WordPress?

I didn’t actually, my friend Christine Selleck did. She’s very creative, I don’t know how she thought of it.

5. What’s been WordPress’ biggest achievement?

Many software projects start and die every year, I’m happy that four years later WordPress is still growing as fast as it did in the beginning.

6. What does WordPress have in store for us in the future?

Right now upgrading web software is too hard so we’re trying to make it more automated, much like upgrading extensions in Firefox.

7. What’s it like owning something such as WordPress?

I don’t own WordPress, I’m just a founder and one of the many contributors.

8. Do you have any regrets with WordPress?

There are a few code-level things I wish we had done differently, butoverall I couldn’t be happier with the direction things have taken.

9. What’s your most memorable moment with WordPress?

Every time someone who uses WordPress introduces them self to me and shares how they use the software.

10. What kind of feedback have you received from WordPress users?

WordPress users are not shy telling us what they don’t like, but at the same time they very passionately tell their friends about things they like. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

11. So where do you think WordPress fits into the ‘Web 2.0’ buzz?

Since WP started before the phrase Web 2.0 as popularized, I never really imagined it in that context.

12. What do you think about WordPress integration with other web services?

There are plugins to integrate with pretty much every service out there, even competitors to WP! I think that’s groovy.

13. Where do you stand with other blogging platforms?

I think we’re one of the more widely used Open Source web platforms. Our userbase is large enough that we don’t focus on competitors that much, just what our users are telling us.

14. What sets WordPress apart from other platforms like Moveable type?

I think principally that Movable Type was once the thing that everyone used (including myself!) and it appears to be slowing down over the years, where WordPress was the free underdog that came out of left field and is growing faster than ever.

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  1. Well done Michael. Great line of questions. What was also clear for me in there was that many of these platforms are thinking of adopting Firefox as a defacto browser. I wonder why that is.

    Mikee, have you noticed the truncation of comments on your blogs to the left yet?

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