Interview with Lance Willett of Automattic on premium themes


Last week saw a pretty huge announcement: is now offering premium themes, one from WooThemes and the other from The Theme Foundry. And by all accounts the Automattic Theme Team plans on adding quite a few more paid themes to yet this year. We dug into the announcement and background information last week, but still had a few questions. So we sat down for a few minutes with Lance Willett, of Automattic, to see if he could share a bit more with us about the latest addition to

Lance Willett is a Theme Wrangler at Automattic. The Theme Wranglers, also referred to as the Theme Team, spend their days and nights thinking about how to improve WordPress themes. In the interview, posted below, we discuss the response they’ve seen to the themes on, theme pricing, and even Automattic’s plans to throw their hat into the paid theme market.

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