Interview with John Saddington of Standard Theme


John Saddington is an entreprenuer among entreprenuers. He has built and sold a WordPress theme called Standard Theme; he runs a network of niche blogs called The 8BIT Network; he recently started a blog for bloggers called TentBlogger; and he is part of a tech startup called SoChurch. Funny thing is, I’m probably leaving a few things out.

Naturally, I had to sit down with him a bit as part of our Indie Interview series, where we speak with members of the WordPress community building careers on top of the WordPress platform.

It was particularly fun doing this interview, as John was one of the first people I can remember really showing support for my old WordPress blog Theme Playground (now merged into WPCandy). I met him earlier this year at WordCamp Atlanta, and finally sitting down to really talk through some of what he’s done lately was a really great time.

If you build WordPress themes, are building a community, or are generally interested in being a one man entrepreneurial wrecking crew, you need to check out the interview below.

Technical note: Unfortunately due to a technical issue (mostly me being dumb, technically) we only have audio for this particular interview. It’s still completely worth a listen to, of course. We’ll have John on again so you can all see his pretty face in moving pictures very soon.

8 thoughts on “Interview with John Saddington of Standard Theme

  1. Great interview guys, lots of insight and a rare intimate look into a world we don’t often get to be part of.

    Loved the part about the “Technologically savvy of an already un-technologically savvy population”, pure genius.

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