Interview with Jason Schuller of Press75 and ThemeGarden


Jason Schuller, founder of Press75 and the still-somewhat-newly-launched ThemeGarden took some time to sit down with me recently and talk about his ventures, what brought him to WordPress, and what he thinks about the state of the theme market today.

Schuller has been in the thick of WordPress theme development and sales since 2008, so if it’s a topic you’re at all interested in, you don’t want to miss this interview. Full video after the jump.

Thanks Jason for the interview, it was fun!

11 thoughts on “Interview with Jason Schuller of Press75 and ThemeGarden

  1. Great interview. I’m a theme author with several themes on ThemeGarden and it has been a pleasure to work with Jason. He’s made it very easy to get themes out in the market with a lot more exposure then I could have ever done on my own. He has also been willing to help with support and answer questions as well.

    I’m glad to be a part of that community and think it will continue to grow to be the place where people go for the best of the best in WordPress themes.

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  3. Jason, can you get down to some numbers, as far as current sales. I think there are probably a lot of interested and qualified potential authors on the fringes just waiting to see how things go, but it appears there really ins’t a visible indication of the amount of sales taking place, to maybe push someone to try out your service. Thanks.

    • To be honest (and this is just my opinion), I think releasing sales stats publicly is a bit sleazy and unfair to the community. However, what I can say is that is a brand new site, and just like any site, it is going to take a few months to grow a strong user-base. Some authors are already doing very well on the site, and some authors not so much just yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

      Really, I can’t think of any good reason why you wouldn’t give a shot as a theme author because the service is currently 100% FREE for starters, and you maintain 100% of your sales as well. does not limit what you can do with your product in any way shape or form. For instance… if you want to sell it somewhere else at the time, you are free to do so.

  4. Great interview guys. Very insightful and fun to watch. All the best with ThemeGarden Jason, and I’ll keep on eye out on it for sure. When you are ready for some BuddyPress themes, let me know 🙂

  5. Great interview and great website!

    As a potential template customer I am very happy with this initiative.

    I am trying to find the purchase plugin but having limited success so far. Any chance you could give me a pointer? Thanks.

    • Currently there are no plugins available on, but I will be launching soon.


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