13 thoughts on “Interview with Brad Williams of WebDevStudios at WordCamp Phoenix

  1. OK so I’m officially dumb. Took me 3 tries to understand that the first image is an image that links to the post itself, not the video.

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  3. Nice interview.
    No offense, but still typical american/english thinking, while saying WordPress has already it all.
    Something which is still missing a lot is the possibility to have simply and natively a multilingual database / website without uncomplete third party and not core solutions (usually shaky solutions in term of compatibility with the rest of the ecosystem) – that’s would just be a major and dramatic improvement. And we are not speaking here about .po/mo files, we are speaking about live articles / menus / comments, etc…
    Believe it or not, they are still countries or clients in the world where it is [still not compulsory] to speak english, and the target audience do speak several different language at the same time…
    Wordpress is just currently so poor in that matter, with no real opinion leader showing the way to go.

    Brad, Justin, OZH, please, please, with your wonderful way of explaining complex things, could you comment on the best practices / advocate best solutions and lead the pack?

    • Agree 100%. That’s something that the international community (except maybe english people) is really waiting for. There is a huge frustration and demand to have a real natively multilingual system to build website on!
      They are existing plugin but as long as it is not part of the core with real database structure supporting it natively, or becoming standard, the ecosystem will always have problem supporting it or even cope with it.
      We need leaders (as you call them) to pave the way and make this idea become mainstream!

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