Interview with the authors of Professional WordPress Plugin Development


I was very excited last night to get to sit down with the three authors the brand new Professional WordPress Plugin Development, Brad Williams, Ozh Richards, and Justin Tadlock. All three were kind enough to join me on the WPCandy Stream and record an interview with me, which you can listen to below.

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In the interview we discussed how it came about that they all collaborated on this book, what they learned during the process, and how they practically managed the collaboration process. I’m also happy to say that this interview was the first time the three have shared a phone call. Think about that one for a second.

Of course if you read WPCandy, you should absolutely purchase Professional WordPress Plugin Development. While I can’t officially review it yet (my copy’s in the mail), knowing the quality of work that these guys do individually I expect only the best from their book.

The interview runs about 45 minutes, and of course concludes with their own individual WordPress plugin picks at the end. Oh, and a few times in the interview I reference a video Ozh made to assist people pronouncing his name, which is why I might pronounce it halfway decently in the recording.

So who has their book already headed their way?

6 thoughts on “Interview with the authors of Professional WordPress Plugin Development

  1. Thanks for this interview.

    These guys are great, they know their stuff, I hope this book be sold in pdf for purchased download ( like digwp )

  2. Thanks again for the interview Ryan. A first for me 😉 It’s a shame I never get (or create tbh) the opportunity to speak English more often. Last time I spoke it before yesterday was probably 8 years ago 🙂

    Paul: the book *is* available as a PDF ebook. You can download it from our publisher at (don’t miss the ad in the corner on that page: use code “FROST” to get a 35% discount)

    • Hi – guys. Well done on what appears to be a great title!
      I have yet to buy the book and just wondered if there is an accompanying website to it or if a DVD is forthcoming? It’s much easier using codes on websites for practice.

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