Interview with Anthony Montalbano, organizer of WordCamp Detroit 2010


Today we start a new interview series that I’m pretty excited about, that is the WordCamp Interview Series. In this series we will be sitting down and interviewing the organizers behind various WordCamp events, finding out what it takes to run an event like WordCamp and what about the organizers motivates them to give up so much of their lives to help make WordCamps happen.

Anthony Montalbano was the organizer of WordCamp Detroit 2010, the first WordCamp to happen in Detroit. In this interview we talk about why he was motivated to start an event in Detroit, how it came together, and what he considers the toughest part about running a WordCamp.

Thanks for the interview Anthony, and we look forward to seeing the event come together again next year!

2 thoughts on “Interview with Anthony Montalbano, organizer of WordCamp Detroit 2010

  1. I attended WC Detroit, driving down from Toronto. It was a great conference , with excellent presenters. You did a great job Anthony (and your presentation was good too Ryan).

    Am very much looking forward to next years event.

    Al Davis

  2. Wow, somehow I totally missed this! I’m like 45 minutes away from Detroit. I’m going to have to pay better attention it seems, would have loved to attend.

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