Interview with the organizers of WordCamp Phoenix 2011


WordCamp Phoenix is fast approaching, so I sat down tonight with Amanda Blum and Chuck Reynolds, the lead organizers for next week’s event, and chatted a bit. We talked about what will be most exciting about next week’s event, the work they put into organizing it, and their advice for those organizing their own WordCamps in the future.

Whether you’re attending Phoenix next week, would like to go, or are planning your own WordCamp event, you will enjoy this interview. Video’s after the jump.

You can follow Amanda at @amandablum on Twitter, and Chuck’s at @chuckreynolds.

3 thoughts on “Interview with the organizers of WordCamp Phoenix 2011

  1. Man I was so tired doing this interview lol… long weekend no sleep and drove back from Vegas right before this call… still came out good tho 🙂 Thx Ryan (& crew)

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