Win some WordPress swag for guessing what “JP” could be


Today was Matt Mullenweg’s 27th birthday, and in a reflective post he listed off his big launches of 2010: VaultPress, the new Akismet, his WordPress themes, a number of WordPress mobile apps, Audrey Capital, and the WordPress Foundation. We don’t typically cover other people’s blog posts like this; we just link them up in our weekend WordPress community links posts. But there was something else said in Mullenweg’s post, when he was listing his goals for 2011:

Launch secret new thing, code abbreviation JP. :)

Naturally, that has us thinking. Just what could “JP” stand for? What is the secret thing Mullenweg wants to launch in 2011? We don’t know, but we figured we can have some fun with it. Take your best guess in the comments, and whenever that project of his launches (whether next week or December 2011) we’ll revisit this post and award the closest guess with their choice of WordPress swag from the WordPress Swag Store.

Think you know what it will be? Just to recap:

  1. Leave a comment here with your best guess as to what “JP” stands for. One guess per person.
  2. We’ll wait. We’ll all wait. When it launches, we’ll pull this post back up, and the closest guess will be deemed the winner.
  3. WPCandy will send the winner a gift of their choosing from the WordPress Swag Store.

Keep in mind, “JP” could be a personal project, or another core Automattic product like ValutPress. There’s really no way to know right now, except that Mullenweg is excited about it.

So what do you think “JP” could be?

35 thoughts on “Win some WordPress swag for guessing what “JP” could be

  1. JerkPress. A simplified version of WordPress for eeejits. The release could be accompanied by a small chicken squeezing device too, solely for Jamaican users.

  2. He did mention about a jazz-related site he wanted to launch (and has been working on), could they be somewhat related, or unrelated and away at the other end of the scale? 🙂 — What else could Automattic possibly be working on, if it was Automattic related?

  3. JazzPress would be too easy and suspense-less since he mentioned it in his post.
    JournalPress doesn’t seem likely cause already functions as that.
    So my guess is JobsPress, with 28 new employees at Automattic and a market with no real online solution to find quality employees, plus Matt seems to always create solutions for problems he is having.

  4. This might sound dumb, but I wonder if it’s a reference to Joaquin Phoenix’s rap name “JP”? (See the movie “I’m Still Here”)

  5. JuxtaPress -> 2 side by side WP installations 🙂
    JustPress -> All things WP
    JeigerPress -> A site for different Jeiger recipes?… I dunno.. Running outta steam here

    Consider the bottom of the barrel, scraped. 🙂

  6. The JP thing has been bugging me all day. I don’t think it’s jam, job, jobs, journal, journalism, just, junior, jazz, or jazzy press simply because those domains are all registered elsewhere (yeah it bugged me that much).

    Being those look like pretty good j guesses to me, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that despite the ‘p’, it is perhaps not a press at all.

    Because Matt is such a picture guy, I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s j-something photo. I have zero idea as to what the j could be, or that it’s photo… but can I still win some swag? 😉

  7. Some funny suggestions here.

    Guessing JuniorPress too. Not necessarily for preteens and a safer web, but for n00bs. A middle-ground between .com and .org, very modular but safe and easy?

  8. JoomlaPress. He’s going to take on the dark side and bring them to the light side of the API.

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  10. I don’t think that “P” is for “Press”.
    Obviously JP must be JoomlaPort and it’s simply a port from joomla to wordpress.
    All important functionality from joomla, that’s missing in wordpress will be available in the next wordpress release.
    Oh, hold a moment … there’s nothing to do 😀

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