Announcing the WordPress swag winner for guessing MassivePress



I should say multiple winners. Yep, we’re giving the choice of swag from the official WordPress Swag Store to two people for guessing what MassivePress is.

The intent of MassivePress was announced at WordCamp Phoenix. There was only one problem. There ended up being two announcements, and both were guessed. You WPCandy readers are so smart. But of course, that’s why you read WPCandy.

Drumroll please… The winners are Joachim Kudish and Scott Reilly. Joachim guessed most accurately what MassivePress is and Scott absolutely nailed the WordCon surprise announcement. You can view their exact comments by following the name links.

Congratulations to both of you! Head on over to and pick out your item!

And remember, the more you help power this community, the more fun stuff like this we can do!

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