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Shortcodes were introduced into WordPress back in version 2.5, and clever developers are still finding ways to take advantage of them. At the very least you’ve probably inserted galleries into your posts, which are driven by a built-in gallery shortcode. Perhaps you’ve used shortcodes for other things too.

In any case, shortcodes can be extremely handy. A new plugin called Shortcodes Pro (available on CodeCanyon)ย from Matt Varone hopes to make the process of creating and managing shortcodes even easier. Instead of requiring the editing of PHP code, Varone’s plugin enables the creation and editing of shortcodes within a plugin settings screen. And we all know shortcodes belong in plugins, not themes, right?

Shortcodes Pro will allow you to create as many shortcodes as you want, and then connect them to custom TinyMCE buttons in the visual editor. You can check out the key features in screencasts that Varone put together on his site.

Lucky for you, we have two copies of the Shortcodes Pro plugin to give away today.

To win the Shortcodes Pro plugin

In order to win a copy of this plugin, all you have to do is leave a comment describing your favorite use for shortcodes. Do you use them for your clients, or just to make your own blogging life easier? We’ll select two comments in 24 hours and send the plugins on over.

64 thoughts on “Win a copy of the Shortcodes Pro plugin

  1. I tend to only use them for myself, normally to substitue any extra-markup in a post. For example, I have a shortcode called “update”, that creates a DIV with the proper class, so that it can be styled and called out properly. If I ever want to change that formatting, I just update the shortcode, not x-number of posts where I might have used it.

  2. Shortcodes are so handy when it comes to customizing single posts or pages individually. We can use them to add beautiful buttons, boxes, different types of layout and much more. Very much interested to gave a look on this plug-in.

  3. I love shortcodes, and I have used them for developing Author Boxes, ad Boxes, and social media, especially Twitter’s Anywhere and video insertions for the client to easily move things around. My most recent shortcode development was for inserting Navigation in pages and posts for development of WordPress web pages to fit inside Facebook’s iframe.

  4. Shortcodes are great for creating slightly different layouts without having to create new page templates. The Shortcodes Pro plugin would really help streamline the process of creating new ones.

  5. Hi Ryan,
    I use shortcodes whenever I can, and preferably in place of template code that usually goes in the functions.php file. It’s cleaner and it’s easier and has added value: you can use it right in the middle of post content.
    I don’t have clients, but do run three WP sites, of which two very actively.

    Thanks for a great information resource!

  6. I use the shortcodes on the clients websites as well on my personal pages. They can really speed the process of inserting certain type of contents and they allow to display some specialized content in the same way (ex. to insert the image with tooltips which describes the parts of the image).

    The shortcodes are very powerful and easy to feature which can be used in post content or in any other website area (widgets, footer…). They allow a user to customize these areas without knowing anything about the (complex) code behind the shortcode they have used. For example you can provide your client with a shortcode which will enter the custom post query (the loop) in their pages for them – it really doesn’t matter they don’t know how to use WordPress query and loop the posts, everything they have to do is enter the parameters into the shortcode tag.

    You can find really nice list of possible shortcodes uses here:

  7. I don’t use sortcodes. I think that entering function code withing the article body is a bad idea. Just like the themes should not be used to add functionality, the posting body – the content – is not the place for commands.

  8. So far, for myself only… many of my clients are lucky to get their email and update Facebook, so I try to keep it super simple for them.

    Standardized shortcodes, though…. hmm…

  9. I love shortcodes because they make stuff easier. I love the shortcodes that are available in my Wootheme’s themes…
    Whenever I wanna add multiple columns for some sake…. its easy.. thanks to those simple ass shortcodes… ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I use them for clients. It’s much easier showing them how to use the shortcode than it is to explain how to do it the long way.

  11. I use shortcodes often in client projects to inject functionnality to embed iframes/video/audio/custom loop.
    Never use shortcodes just for the sake of styling! Simply use the class dropp down for that or write.

    Because this
    [BOX color="blue]my content[/BOX]
    is the same as
    my content
    Not a big difference I think!

  12. I like shortcodes to insert YouTube or Vimeo videos, photo galleries, link to download files in posts and pages without knowledge HTML codes. It’s a benefit for beginers and non technical users.

  13. I (still) don’t use the shortcodes, but I want win and bring my clients sites to another level.

  14. Shortcodes are the best thing out! It makes is easy for clients to add a bit of pre-defined styling to their posts and pages – without having to know any code. And this plugin looks like it will make it SUPER easy! WOW, would love to win a copy ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I’ve just recently been familiarizing myself with different shortcodes…. They make life so much simpler, and not to mention fun (if your geeky and all like me….) I use shortcodes to simply make a blog more interesting, beautiful and user friendly..

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  17. I use them most often to help clients use creative styling without having to use html code. For some clients that aren’t as technical looking at html code is a little like watching a deer in the headlights. They really want to focus on the content in this case a shortcodes are more friendly and easier to tackle.

  18. I don’t use shortcodes… and that’s the problem, I need to use them more. This plugin looks like it would help with that.

  19. If you think of Shortcodes as macros it is easy to come up with ways to use them creatively.
    One of my most often used shortcodes replaces several plugins which were used to insert less than full line spaces between paragraphs.
    My “Half Line” and “Three Quarters Line” shortcodes enable me to better control the space between paragraphs especially in blockquotes.

    Inserting the Half Line shortcode will insert the following code between paragraphs:


    You can create a CSS value for halfline or other less than full line definitions.

    .halfline {
    line-height: .75em;

  20. Video has probably been the most popular way for using short codes. That’s how and why I started using them in the first place. Then I found there were so many more things you can do with this and nowadays I’m trying to back down from using to many of them again.

  21. I actually have a colossally huge need for a shortcode plugin – I’ve helped develop a soccer league website where different league divisions are placed into the pages from an automated standings system using url queries and php includes – now that I’m setting it all up in WordPress, I’ll have to make a unique template for each age group and I’ll have to edit the templates each session (3 a year) to reflect any changes in the divisions. The biggest problem here is that the end-user will have to rely on me to do it – this plugin would allow them to make the changes themselves by applying the shortcodes to the names of the divisions.

  22. I’m just getting ready to dive into shortcodes and can’t wait to leverage some of the fabulous features that shortcodes enables! What my main blog has in shortcodes from Chalong…isn’t really fully up-to-snuff yet – so ready to learn more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I love using shortcodes when I create WordPress websites for clients. It is sooooo much easier for them to understand that [contact] inserts a contact form, etc. I find it makes my life a lot easier too because they don’t need to call me that they accidentaly changed something in the code of that page and need it fixed. MUCH easire ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. PICK ME!

  24. I create shortcodes for my clients and I’ve created one so a client can sign each post. Type in [signature] and a signature graphic with a greeting will appear at the bottom of every post.

  25. I use shortcodes whenever possible! Much faster and easier. Especially for someone who is still learning the intricacies of coding.

  26. I actually haven’t used shortcodes. Yet. But I need to start using them desperately. For what? Primarily for a few custom CSS styles I routinely need to apply to text, but also for AdSense.

    This plug-in looks promising.

  27. Shortcodes have made it much easier for my non-technical clients to utilize features like content columns and stylized buttons without making a mess of the design I’ve created for them.

  28. I have used shortcodes for myself and my friends and clients too. Mostly to add Affliate Banners and Adsense links within a single post where its not repeated for all posts.

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  30. I provide shortcodes to clients to maintain a consistent look with the theme. Especially allowing clients to create their own buttons and columns. Also in situations where a client will create a post with no image, having a short code to do Dropcaps or Pullquotes can add some interest.

  31. My favourite use of using shortcodes is well, to make code shorter. Who wants to type out the same thing over and over again? Using shortcodes let’s you put more focus on other areas that matter.

  32. Personally, I hate shortcode that bundled from a theme. It will force me to use that theme and locked me in to not use another theme. Solutions for this problem is released it as a plugin, as it would be come in handy and make me easier when developing a theme for client.

  33. I haven’t used shortcodes extensively, but I’ve used them on both client sites and personal blogs. Primarily client sites though.

  34. I love shortcodes and use them in my personal blog but I would love to be able to create a few additional ones for specific uses.
    This looks like an awesome plugin.

  35. I like shortcodes because I hate doing the same mundane html over and over and over again

  36. Shortcodes’s best practice is somehow creating a hot debate in the last couple of weeks. Especially after Justin Tadluck’s article which almost sent out a warning to all theme users about the fact that if you ever use a built in shortcode from a theme you happen to buy, you’ll lose it all when you switch to any theme and end up with something like this popping up all over your website!

    Note text goes here!

    Bottom line, I would love to win this plugin to use in in future projects! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Shortcodes are great for giving business users an easy way to add visual design queues when design and HTML is out of their comfort zone. It allows them to still concentrate on content without pushing out ugly pages.

  38. i have a lot of shorcode for my primary site, a local magazine online. I add youtube, maps, gallery, polls and footnotes.

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  40. Favorite use of shortcodes?

    Giving clients access to advanced functional or design options – like buttons, forms, etc. without giving them access to FTP or having to explain HTML or PHP.

    Lots of uses though, shortcodes are one of the reasons WordPress will stay my primary dev platform.

  41. Working with shortcuts is amazing as it makes my task easier,great to remember and its fun working with them !definitely it makes me more productive organised too.Wish i was bit early to win this copy!!

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