Win an AppSumo WordPress Blogger Bundle from WPCandy


The bundles for this competition have been given out. Thanks for participating, everyone!

AppSumo has taken on the WordPress cause recently, offering up a WordPress Blogger Bundle valued at $957 for $32. This is a great deal, and worth checking out. But we thought, why not take it a bit further and give away a couple of bundles for free?

What we have for you

We have two full AppSumo WordPress Blogger Bundles (say that five times fast!) packaged up and ready for two members of the WPCandy community.

Just to recap, the bundle consists of:

  • 3 months of Business hosting
  • Advertiser credit for BuySellAds
  • 6 months of inboxSEO rank tracking
  • Themes from WooThemes
  • The PadPressed plugin
  • Two themes from Graph Paper Press
  • 3 months of Clicky Web Analytics Pro service
  • WP101 tutorial videos
  • Inbound Marketing preview
  • SEOmoz PRO three month trial
  • WP Auctions plugin
  • 10$ off for Arkayne Pro package
  • Lock & Load WordPress theme

For the full list of bundle items, see AppSumo’s site.

How to win a bundle

For a chance at one of the available bundles, all you have to do is comment with which of the items in the bundle interest you the most. Are you a WordPress theme junkie? Are you after Plugins? Perhaps the services mentioned are most interesting to you?

Tell us about what you’re after in the comments, and on Friday we’ll draw two names from the group to win a WordPress Blogger Bundle from AppSumo.

So who wants a bundle?

32 thoughts on “Win an AppSumo WordPress Blogger Bundle from WPCandy

  1. The WP Auctions plugin would be awesome to see how they actually do it. It looks pretty powerful so it’d be nice to have a look at the code behind it 🙂

  2. I like a lot WP101 tutorial videos and will be interesting to give a try to service.
    Hope to win ^_^

  3. The most interesting parts to me is the themes (WooThemes has been fantastic), the PadPressed plugin, and to try a different host that is focused on WordPress!

    Just discovered the site and the podcast about a week ago and have found it great, keep it up.

  4. The two items that interest me the most are the advertiser credit up on BuySellAds and the Woothemes themes. If I had to chose one, it’s definitely the advertiser credit though! Saving a few bucks for a new start-up of mine would be awesome :).

  5. I gotta say the thing that most interests me from the list are the WP101 tutorial videos, some times reading just doesn’t cut it.

  6. I’m a bit of a theme junkie, so would love to get my hands on some of the themes, especially the WooThemes ones!

  7. Wow, what a bundle!!! OOh, Its so difficult to choose 🙂 but for me it would be the themes and the SEO packages. and…

  8. I’m most interested in the tutorial videos and the themes from WooThemes…winning them would be awesome!

  9. I’m out for a theme and the one on Woothemes seems to suit our purpose. Then tutorials is never wrong, esp as we are not too familiar with WP.

  10. This sounds like a great package! I’m most interested in the themes, especially Woo themes. I have been watching their progress and love what I’m seeing. The other items in the package are pretty awesome, too!

  11. Oh. This is a great opportunity to have the WordPress Bundle. I may be looking forward to this.

    As a wordpress blogger, I know how hard it is to make others notice your blog. Though you have created a wonderful blog, it’s useless if no one can see it, right? Perhaps you need to optimize it for better traffic.

    SEOmoz interests me the most. Not only does it costs the most in the package, but the use is so valuable for every bloggers out there. You won’t be sweating a lot doing SEO manually, and having only little knowledge. SEOmoz can help you out there.

    SEOmoz for me. The Woothemes 3 themes are also bargain. So in this bundle, there’s nothing to lose. 🙂

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