Tweem Giveaway: 5 Copies for the Playground Readers


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Update: Comments are closed because the winners have been chosen.

After the review of Tweem yesterday, I now have 5 copies to give away to you guys. Are there 5 of you out there that would like to run your own Twitter microsite?

Tweem is an awesome theme for creating your own Twitter microsite on a sub domain. Save yourself $15, though, and win a copy by picking one up in this post.

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So what do you need to do to win a copy? Just leave a comment explaining why you love Twitter so much, and what you’ll do with Tweem. On Friday I’ll choose 5 comments at random and send each over a copy of Tweem.

Get commenting. 48 hours to go!

16 thoughts on “Tweem Giveaway: 5 Copies for the Playground Readers

  1. Hi there,

    just stumbled on your website, looks great, love it!

    And Tweem looks very neat!

    I’m never first at anything (LOL) so I’d love to be the first dutch person to have Tweem!! 🙂

  2. I think Tweem looks fantastic and I hope to get a theme such as Tweem, I hope it proves highly customisable in terms of header, background and widgets.

    Here in central England in the town of Leamington Spa is a web design company that created a site called Leam Live which effectively does the same thing as Tweem makes possible, whenever someone uses the hashtag #leamlive, the tweet appears on the site and retweet the people have have said #limelive the most.

    The Leam Live website is a great example of what a website like this can do using tweets based on a location or subject and I think it highlights the connectivity that Twitter provides. I would like to do something like this myself and so I plan to buy Tweem or rival theme if I find anything better when I have the money for it, but Tweem does appear to be comprehensive with some great features.

  3. I like twitter, because it is like mini-magazine – some news you can read before it publish news portals. It is fun way to say, what you thinking, doing, working, ect. now too! Tweem is wonderful example, how 150 characters / message can create a blog :).

    P.s. sorry sorry for mistakes, i’m not know english wry well 🙁

  4. I love twitter because of the ease of use and how you can make people aware of things going on in your life and blog in so little words and be kept up to date anywhere you go.

  5. I like twitter because gives me the ability to stay in contact with hundreds of people in love with webdesign like me that share their kwnoledge with me and so do I


  6. I am so much of a twitter addict, I am considering injecting it into my blood stream with a needle! I can feel the rush!

  7. Twitter is my one of my ultimate design resources. I have learned so much from the design and wordpress community via people’s twitter.

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