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Commenter KostasNi is the winner this week. Congratulations KostasNI, we’ll be in touch with you to find out which theme you would like. Everyone else, thanks for commenting!

After the awesome success of last week’s book giveaway, we just couldn’t let another week go by without another giveaway. Today we’re giving away a theme, but as usual it’s up to you which one you receive if you win.

The four themes up for grabs today are:

Find out what you can do to win one of these themes, after the jump.

Which theme company is under appreciated? Who’s doing great work, perhaps in a niche?

The giveaway is a theme this week, so we have another appropriate comment-as-entry question: Which theme company, that you know about, deserves more attention that it is getting? Presumably we’re interested in theme companies that aren’t the big guys (after all, most know them!). Any hidden gems out there? If not, let your voice ring out with your tried and true favorites.

But, this week you can do even more than comment to entry. Your comment puts your name in once to receive a theme. If you’d like your name in a second time (which, if our calculations are correct, double your odds) just fan/like the WPCandy Facebook page. It’s brand new this week, and we want to get it up and running with the awesome WPCandy community as soon as we can.

So just to recap:

  1. Leave a comment about your favorite under appreciated theme company. If you don’t have one, brag about your favorite theme business in general. That gives you one chance to win.
  2. Like the WPCandy Facebook page. This enters your name in a second time.

The winner will be drawn randomly from all entrants on Friday afternoon. Good luck!

42 thoughts on “WPCandy giveaway: Win 1 of 4 themes

  1. I think ThemeJam, the guys behind WP Bids should get some more kudos. They got some lovely simple themes. And WooThemes is great too but they aren’t under appreciated.

    All four themes are great btw. Specially StartBox!

  2. I guess this isn’t a small theme company, but, living in Raleigh, NC, I’ve had a chance to meet the guys at StudioPress.com. They are very generous and friendly to the WP community. They host Meetups, WordCamps and go out of their way to foster a strong, local WP scene. Oh, and they have this little theme called Genesis. You should check it out!

  3. I really like WPBids with the uniqueness of the theme. It is completely different and well done. The guys at ThemeJam did a really good job.

    Both WPZoom and Themify have done great jobs on themes too. Sometimes the smaller, under appreciated theme companies produce themes that are better than the “major” players.

  4. I gota agree with Martijn A.C. Snels, ThemeJam seems to still be the “new” guy in town… had a chance to test the some of there themes before they launched and they look pretty darn good!

  5. I guess I’ll have to go with WooThemes because that’s the only one I really know about, and that only because they bought out the theme I use from the original developer.

  6. Personally, Themify has just set a new standard for commercial themes. The myriad of options available to end users is incredible: framework, css style editing, xml for theme options, etc

  7. I’ll admit I’m not sure if these guys are in the top group but I do like the themes from The Theme Foundry. I think their themes are crisp and have a nice fresh look. They’re definitely worth getting more attention πŸ™‚

  8. I’d have to go with Headway Themes. I’ve just been using version 1.6.x to develop a site and it really rocks. Version 1.7 is just around the corner and has loads of great new features too.

    • Hey Craig, thanks for mentioning Headway Themes. And you are right, we are very excited about what 1.7 is going to bring to the table for a solid premium WordPress Framework. For both the DIY’er and developer.

      Co-Founder of Headway Themes

  9. I’ve been the recipient of a bid from someone using the WP Bids theme from ThemeJam and was really impressed. It’s clean and super professional. Really raised the quality of the proposal up a notch!

  10. Themeforest.net – I really like the whole Envato concept! Always high quality and you support other freelancers every time you buy πŸ™‚

  11. In today’s market.. I think Wootheme and Templatic are rocking but as we’re talking about (not-so-big) Theme Companies. I’d rather suggest KreativeThemes and/or Themify.
    Themeify is new, but it looks promising and yeah its really good and flexible too. I think it’s gonna give a competition. Worth the WordPress Community Exposure.

  12. I vote for iThemes.com. They have a great selection of themes and their Builder theme is great for customization. And customer service is great.

  13. Pre order of Startbox looks awesome to me!
    Their child themes bonuses are the ones that I’m looking for and the themes also looks really customizable

  14. I think Obox has some really cute themes. They’re also pretty reasonably priced. They were one of the first premium theme companies to offer Tumblr and Posterous skins, which was a pretty big niche to fill.

  15. Pro Theme Design are really cool – but then I’m biased πŸ™‚

    BTW Nice idea for a competition. Found a couple of companies i hadn’t heard of before. It’s a shame people are responding with the total opposite of the question though. Most people know Woo and StudioPress are the biggest.

  16. iThemes, especially Builder, and StudioPress, especially Genesis, get my votes. But the guys behind StartBox are very talented and it looks great.

  17. Are they not all beautiful? Everyone makes an effort and tried the best. I have great respect for that work. For me they are all beautiful. Keep on. And so I lay me down not. πŸ™‚

    Regards Micha

  18. RocketTheme seems to be underrated in the WP community. They did some really amazing Joomla themes. Once they began to offer WP theme, I havent seen the same following from people.

  19. I like FlexiThemes. Their themes are high in usability for me but I do not see many people vote for them. BTW, I have liked your FB page.

  20. I’m a big fan of themes that are positioned more as platforms, so Startbox is already a winner, but I’ve actually heard some really great things about WP Bids and I’ve been shopping around different online proposal services …

  21. Oddly enough I actually like supporting the little guys versus the larger theme providers out there. I feel much more satisfied knowing I’m helping someone that doesn’t have as large of an audience as say.. WooThemes, Thesis and the plethora of others out there. One of them being Matt Brett although.. with him being on Themeforest, he’s really making a huge killing there! Although if I had to go slightly larger scale, I’d say Obox.

    That being said I’ve never heard/stumbled upon 3/4 featured here. I definitely love Themeify.me! And the branding for it too :).

  22. I really like the Graph Paper Press themes. Very good for photographer and artist portfolio sites.

    I look forward to checking out the companies mentioned above. Thanks everybody for the recommendations!

  23. My vote goes to ThemeJam. Good service and good themes. I really like the new “Launch” theme, in addition to the Bids theme.

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