WPCandy Giveaway: Win 1 of 4 WordPress books!


The four books you'll get to choose from. Photo by Ashley, @arae on Twitter

Update: Ryan Marganti is the winner this week. Ryan, we’ll be in touch to get you your book of choice. Everyone, thanks for joining in, we’ll have another giveaway very, very soon!

It has been an exciting week on the site. We appreciate the praise, the encouragement, and that you’re all still reading after all this time. To make sure we start things off on the right foot, we would like to give away a WordPress book—pages and pages of fresh WordPress knowledge—to a a lucky member of the WPCandy community, just for commenting.

If you win you will be asked to choose one of four books to receive, shipped to you free courtesy of WPCandy. The four available books are:

Rules on how to win are after the jump.

What is exciting to you right now?

To be entered to win, all you have to do is leave a comment telling us what it is about WordPress, as a whole, you are most excited about right now. It can be a new WordPress feature, a commercial Plugin or theme, a particular service, or something within the community as a whole. Just tell us about it.

One commenter will be chosen randomly on Friday to win. Only one comment per person will be counted.

I’ll start things off. Right now I’m most excited about custom taxonomies in WordPress. I’ve created a number within WPCandy, and the nerdy librarian blogger in me just loves thinking through the right way to categorize and organize content. Most of that is behind the scenes right now, but I’ll be sure to post and talk a bunch about it when it goes live.

Alright, your turn! We’ll draw the winner Friday afternoon.

69 thoughts on “WPCandy Giveaway: Win 1 of 4 WordPress books!

  1. I’m excited about several things:

    1) The 3.org initiative, which I hope will pay huge dividends for the WordPress community

    2) The upcoming integration of bbPress-as-plugin

    3) The opportunity to give some TLC and a coat of fresh paint to an old plugin that I have used for years

    4) The awesomeness that will soon be the WordPress Themes Repository.

  2. I am new to wordpress (just bought the dummies book) and am excited at the amount of creativity I can affordably infuse into it. It is evening out whats been an expensive playing field.

  3. I am looking into learning a CMS. However i played around joomla and did not like it much. I have friends and they all love WP and version 3.0 looks amazing. This would be a great start for me.

  4. I’ve been pretty complacent with WordPress over the years I’ve used it.. but I think what I’ve been the most excited over has been the addition/creation of BuddyPress. I’ve gone through a bunch of scripts geared towards just socnet but they’ve always left me unfulfilled. Having just started using BuddyPress (aside from testing/playing with) for a new project, I’m just amazed at the endless features/support that the BP community has. It’s definitely helped to get me on the ball to getting my start up setup.

    Aside from BuddyPress (and it’s plethora of awesome plugins), I’ve always enjoyed the community. If I have a problem, I know I can google keywords and find threads on the same issue others may have had. I also love the fact that it’s not obscure. It really increases efficiency not having to wait years to see a response/resolution. The community is fast acting.

    Anything that can be mixed with WordPress is good for my morale!

  5. I am the most excited about the multisite feature. I am now able to implement WordPress as a CMS for a major school and give different departments/offices more flexibility than they’d have with just pages and without maintaining multiple WP installations!

  6. The WordPress community as a whole makes me really excited about WP. I often idle in the #WordPress channel on FreeNode and absorb info, sometimes trying to help out when people have problems. Recently attended my first WordCamp which was outstanding and I was overwhelmed by how helpful, genuine, honest and good-natured the WP community is.

  7. The biggest thing I am excited about with WordPress 3.xxx is that is now a fully mature content management system for the rest of us. It is relatively simple to use and install, has a dedicated list of developers, but, more importantly, has shed the idea that it is just for bloggers and so the number of people/businesses using it has reached critical mass.

  8. I’m most excited about custom post types and how to effectively integrate them into existing sites while still providing clients with flexible layout structures.


  9. I really love the new functionality to use various subdomains with only one installation of the CMS and the way it’s being handled for the users/bloggers, it’s going to be really useful in my next project!

  10. For me, I’m excited about the features that elevate WordPress to the true CMS level: Menus, Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies and MultiSite all add so much to that cause.

  11. I’m excited about the way WordPress is slowly but surely becoming my one CMS for most things.

    Rather than using WP for small sites and Drupal for large the custom post types and taxonomy possibilities make WP much more viable for larger-scale sites but, importantly, it hasn’t lost the simplicity and intuitiveness that first drew me to use it.

  12. I’m mostly excited about custom post types, custom taxonomies and the new menu system.

    These have really pushed WordPress to becoming a powerful CMS and made life a whole lot easier for developers.

  13. I’ve used WordPress for several years, but I’m pretty new to the developer community, and that community is what excites me right now. There’s so much information, sharing, and willingness to help out and contribute, it makes it a much easier thing to dive into learning.

  14. I’m relatively new to WordPress, and I find myself getting excited about pretty much everything!

    More specifically, I have recently been playing about with the Hybrid theme framework. It’s very impressive, I’m excited about creating some child themes for sites I’m working on.

    Custom post types too. I’m yet to really delve into them properly, but I can see the possibilities are amazing.

  15. Looking forward to learning more about WordPress 3.0 and custom posts/taxonomies. Once learned, I think the opportunities to use WordPress as a true, robust CMS are endless!

  16. I would have to say the increasing popularity of child themes is the most exciting thing for me right now. Child themes can help shorten the development cycle and lower the bar for those hoping to make an entry into the theme market.

  17. what i like most is that the whole system/community is ever evolving, each and every day brings up so many new ideas, teach you new techniques etc. it’s just amazing and i don’t wanna miss one second i spent with it!

  18. What is the most exciting to me right now with WordPress is the custom menu and the custom post types/taxonomy. It is allow us to easliy create more dynamic sites with greater flexibility.

    A close second is the better integration of child themes into WordPress.

  19. I’m excited about custom post types, the new WP Menu system, and the awesome Event Calendar plugin I just found online. Every day I love WordPress more and more!

  20. what’s not to be excited about!
    I loved wordpress for the past 3 years and all the changes just keeps making it my go-to platform for all my project both personal and client based!

  21. In WordPress I love the custom post types. It allows for even more flexibility.

    For plugins I love GravityForms. The ease of use and the power of the forms is absolutely amazing.

  22. It’s gotta be the custom post types (along with the meta box API)…They finally make adding/editing a featured slider or portfolio easy for clients, not just WordPress nerds:)

  23. My focus is helping small businesses succeed, so my excitement is centered around that… WordPress is by far the best tool for small business promotion to emerge in the last decade.

    WordPress is exceptionally competent as a software tool, and remarkably easy for the average business person to use.

  24. WordPress is finally hitting maturity in it’s lifecycle, especially after the release of 3.0 and all the plug-ins that have expanded it outside it’s original concept as a blogging platform.

  25. I’m new to WP this year. What is exciting for me is the friendly, outgoing community. I went to WordCamp Chicago and was blown away by the presentations and the people. Really looking forward to learning more and more about WordPress in the months and years ahead.

  26. I’m excited about the possibilities of the wonderful custom post types I’ve been waiting so for all these years. No more clumsy typing of long lists and a huge hierarchy of pages – custom types will solve it all. 🙂

    Not to mention how excited I would be if there was an official gallery plugin, something like G2 but not as clumsy. It would benefit websites with five-digit numbers of pictures.

  27. I’m really excited about the ArtPress plugin that I’m currently building… it harnesses the power of custom post_type and taxonomy to provide visually artists and designers an easy way to create/manage an online portfolio of their work. There’s even some naive support for PayPal thrown in. Will be even more excited when I can finally release it 🙂

  28. I am super excited about the new menu area in the admin area! So easy to use and was definitely something WP was lacking! And Im super excited about heading to my first WordCamp in LA next month all the way from New Zealand (kinda related but not really to this post, but worth saying!!!)

  29. I’ve just delved into designing for word press and am excited for it all. With with such a big and helpful community I am not intimidated by it at all. The many plugins available is mind blowing. And the fact that it’s interface and dashboard are easy to use makes it a perfect CMS/Blogging system to setup for clients.

  30. In general, I’m just happy about the direction that WordPress traveling in. In just the few years that I have been developing for WordPress, thinks have continued to get immensely easier and more efficient. Essentially, more development towards becoming a full CMS solution, not just a blogging platform, is what excites me the most.

  31. I’m really excited by the way WordPress and the community around it is professionalising rapidly. With WordPress 3.0 things got easier and better, no more hacks to use posts and pages for different purposes than they were meant for. Now there are custom post types and custom taxonomies! Plugins like Gravity Forms, WPML (for multilingual websites) and W3 Total Cache afre a great example of professional plugins with great support setting a higher standard for other plugin authors.

  32. So exited about everything about WordPress that I am going to jump from .NET to .PHP (WordPress).

    The nice thing what i like most is that you can do almost everything on the fly. Adding a plugin altering the layout etc.

  33. i am feeling excited about the future-vision that wp could be getting speeded up slightly and is less heavy for the server….therefore i`ll be constantly watching observing and updating&checking on that! still i really like the simplicity of the tool….

    Thank you!

  34. I’m studying wordpress now and telling about it on my native language to people in my country. So it will be great to win these books!

  35. The best feature in WordPress right now are the various in-jokes and phrases spread throughout the source code, hidden away in comments only devs will ever read.

    Oh, and me. I read them too.

  36. I am really excited about all the new commercial themes and plugins that are coming out. It is making it really easy to create a terrific site for a client in a very short amount of time with great functionality.

  37. I’m excited about Buddy Press – it’s really interesting, exciting and innovative.

    And I appreciate that when I have a problem or question or can’t quite figure something out, the WP community is so amazingly helpful!

  38. I’ve gota say the most exciting thing that wordpress has for me is the post types, it makes it so much easier to manage different kinds of content.

  39. I am excited about all of the developments taking place during this development cycle.

    New features and fixes are great and 3.0 was a big release with a lot of goodies.

    Now I think it’s great that they are focusing on the other support components such as more theme friendly and better version of BuddyPress, turning BBpress into a stand alone plugin and working on the WP.org website and of course the foundation.

    Yeah WordPress! The core is great and now cheers to them for paying attention to the important pieces that support a fantastic CMS system.

  40. The most exciting thing about WP to me is the ability to have total control over your online social presence. Also, the WP community is one of it’s best assets.

  41. I am excited about WordPress that has developed to a full-fledged CMS. The diverse plug-ins, theme as well as the community around it made this possible.

    WordPress maybe intimidating to use for some. However, there are always work around and plug-in to make it easy and less frustrating to use.

  42. This right here is what I’m most excited about. A community that is more interested in making things bigger and better through group knowledge and team work. It’s not only helpful to the WP vet but also the beginner.

  43. I am stoked to roll out MultiUser. Can’t wait to see our site morph from informative to community. Now, just how does this multiuser thing work? 😉

  44. The fact that wordpress remains one of the most robust yet simple to manage CMS out there for bloggers and news sites.

  45. I am totally in love with the Genesis Framework from StudioPress.
    Simple and powerful at the same time with super clean code consistent with the WordPress semantics. I have only scratched the surface but the potential seems huge…

  46. I’m excited that WordPress just keeps getting better and better. I created my first WP site in 2005, and what I have now is so different and more functional that it just blows me away.

  47. I’ve been using WordPress as user and a developer for a while now and I absolutely love it, but what excites me most at the moment is the work that’s put on by the whole community. I’m not talking only about the developers that contribute on the code, but all the WordPress related blogs offering tutorials and tips, the people offering help and discussing at fora, the people organizing/attending WordCamps all around the planet etc.
    Wordpress community is by far the healthiest community I’ve seen online. I’m proud of being part of it.

  48. The thing that has got me using WordPress again for projects is the addition of custom taxonimies and post types. It’s much more flexible now than it was in the past.

  49. Well, I am new at wordpress, I mean I use it but I’ve started to think about have a deep knowledge in order to build my own themes and I can say I’m excited about being able to create, from the beginning, my first website with wordpress.

  50. Enjoying your new design and attention to detail. URLs as sentences is a nice touch.

    3.0+ brings WP to the forefront as a legitimate CMS. I am excited for the community to continue and for great new plugins to be made that leverage the solid core architecture.

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