Win 1 of 5 copies of the Big Shot theme from PressCoders


At WPCandy we love giveaways. Technically speaking, you (the reader) love giveaways, and we just love giving you what you want. Semantic issues aside, everyone’s happy today.

In addition to powering WPCandy the last few days, the team at PressCoders has been kind enough to offer up five copies of their recently released Big Shot WordPress theme. Big Shot is a business theme packed full of things like content sliders, page templates, and sidebar controls.

How to win the Big Shot theme

If you’d like a copy of Big Shot, just leave a comment letting us know what makes you a WordPress Big Shot. Is it your in depth knowledge of the platform? Perhaps it’s your impeccable meetup attendance in your city. Whatever the case may be, share it with us in the comments and you might just be chosen to win a copy of Big Shot.

The winners will be picked 24 hours from now, so don’t dawdle!

While you’re at it, thank PressCoders on Twitter for the giveaway, as well as for supporting WPCandy.

31 thoughts on “Win 1 of 5 copies of the Big Shot theme from PressCoders

  1. I’m a noob. Really weak regarding WordPress and writing code actually. Poor understanding of the web and lack of will to learn — DID I WIN?

    This whole gimmick is flawed as people with common sense and real knowledge will NOT brag. They just let their work speak on their behalf.

    PS: I hope!

  2. Eventhough I’m quite new to WordPress, but I fall in love with WordPress so much. It makes my blogging experience a Big Shot, compared to other blogging platform I used before.

  3. Throw me a treat! I have been stuck in a rainstorm for seven days of my vacation, it makes one weak! Thanks for all the great reading meanwhile…


  4. Well, I wouldn’t consider myself a WordPress Big Shot. But I am CEO of a WordPress-centric CDN and high-performance hosting company. Maybe that counts for something. 😉

  5. Not a bigshot here, thats for sure, but really enjoy learning WordPress stuff from this website!!!

  6. I love WordPress for all it’s flexibility, easy going mood and the humble way in wich he let us paint him, twist him and changing and reconnecting his guts. He always smiles, happy to see all the different functions, skills and new looks he has in different, Big Shot hands.

  7. A big shot? Probably not me… however, I was able to learn WP with a teeny bit of help and am creating awesome sites for my business! Would be fun to try this theme out. 🙂

  8. I’ve taken some web design and programming courses but I’m new at WordPress; just going through the course work on WP; I’m not a WP Big Shot but I’d like to have that theme; looks cool!

  9. Big shot no. But move a lot of sites from Movable Type to WordPress and that often takes some jedi skills .

  10. Big Shots often lead to colateral damage.
    As of me i am using wordpress since version 1.8. quite a long time.
    Do i know everything about it? No.
    Do i like to learn and play around with new themes? Of course i do.

  11. I am not sure if I am a big shot but for sure wordpress has changed my life for good. I have been using wordpress since 2004 and moved from a noob to a wordpress freelancer. I like its flexibilty and unlimited number of tools to develop anything you want from a news portal to a ecommerce store. By profession I am a biology researcher, so yeah among my peers I am a wordless expert. Thanks to wonderful WP community.

  12. Big Shot, Im WordPress Teacher on Small Island from Canary Island, Im photographer, Im videographer, I love 3D and got my degree on it. Im very good looking for my mom. And most important!!! Love a free premium theme.

  13. Am I a Big Shot? Nope! But I am taking a Shot at a Big site conversion, moving it all to the WP platform!

  14. WordPress is my number one go-to platform everyday. Even though I know a lot about WordPress, I can never know it all. I’m a WordPress bigshot, because I love learning new things about it every day 🙂

  15. WordPress Big Shot? In my case it is my LACK of knowledge but huge interest nonetheless.

  16. Well, being a word press junkie, all I can think about is posts, pages, perfect SEO and elegance. I love Word Press so much I quit my job as an educator- much rather duke it out with a 404 error than a kid with no clue. Adding a big shot theme to my arsenal would help me offset my 60,000 in loans, and also give me a new toy to exploit the goodness of the best, most bad-ass business solution on this planet! Wp candy and Word Press rocks. Oh yeah, and being a big shot is something I dream about.

  17. I have been a big fan of WordPress for many years. I was initially flying the flag of WordPress in its early years when it was though of just a blogging tool against competing solutions such as typepad. But the more I used WordPress the more I could see the application it could have for conventional websites. So today as an e-business advisor I am still spreading the word on WordPress and helping businesses get the most out of their WordPress website. WordPress has come a long way since it was first launched and who knows what the next eight years will bring us!!!

  18. I don’t really consider myself a bigshot, but do aspire to be one some day. I have been using WordPress for 5 years now and have implemented about 30 sites using it. A better platform I could not find.

  19. Right now I’m more of a WordPress long shot but I’m getting closer everyday to creating something really fantastic! I love the look/feel of your new theme, Big Shot, especially the glider action on every page! Count me in as a winner! Great work there.

  20. I would most likely use this theme for my consulting site. I’m a WordPress consultant that simply doesn’t have the time to keep my own consulting site looking nice. Kind of like the car mechanic that is too busy to keep the personal car running. Unfortunately, I’m not busy because I have too many sites to build (I’m working on that). 🙂

    Anyway, I’m always looking for new themes to try and then purchase for client site builds. The theme looks wonderful and thanks for offering some copies up for free to the community!

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