It’s launching soon: just what could MassivePress be?


Not much is known about MassivePress. A teaser site went up a few months ago, and the MassivePress Twitter account tends to link up WordPress stuff intermittently, but not much more than that. The word on the street (or on Twitter) is that the kimono will be opened, so to speak, and the project itself will be fully revealed at WordCamp Phoenix this coming weekend.

A number of high-profile WordPress folks are a part of MassivePress: Lisa Sabin-Wilson (of WordPress for Dummies fame), Grant Griffiths (of Headway), Cory Miller (iThemes), Carl Hancock (Gravity Forms), Jason Schuller (Press75 and Theme Garden) and Michael Torbert (All in One SEO). We know who they are, of course. But exactly what they are up to: no one really knows.

We’ll find out this weekend at WordCamp Phoenix, and you can bet that WPCandy will be first on top of it with the full story.

But let’s have some fun with this, aye? Launches, and more specifically mystery, is always fun to play around with.

Share your best guess about what MassivePress will be in the comments, and the closest person to the real deal will receive their choice of an item from the WordPress Swag Store. If someone nails it, the coveted swag will go to the first person to guess correctly. Otherwise we’ll use our best judgment to pick the guess closest to the truth.

My guess: WordPress for tall people. You don’t realize just how persecuted those folks are, particularly on the web. If you think blind people have it rough online, then you have no idea. Most websites are optimized for people five, maybe six feet tall. There are people all over the world well beyond six feet in height, and how do you think they enjoy the web? Exactly. It’s about time someone did something for those web users. Although, I’m not sure the name the MassivePress team chose is the most kind way to label their target market.

Yup, I’m good at this guessing thing. Your turn. What will MassivePress be?

20 thoughts on “It’s launching soon: just what could MassivePress be?

  1. Hey guys, thanks for the tease post on what MassivePress might be. Jason Schuller of and is also a major part of what we are doing at MassivePress.

    See you at WCPHX!

  2. I am also keeping an eye on that project too. Lots of big names, that’s gonna be something huge, for sure!

    It is diffcult to guess, but I’d be happy to see some kind of humanitarian project. Something like “download this theme / plugin developed by a member of our team, 10% of the amount will be given to charity associations.”
    That would be a new opportunity for all these people to advertize their products (Press75 themes, Headway, Gravity forms), while doing a good action.

    But who knows? 🙂

  3. I think they are creating a new WordPress Theme framework (hopefully with only developers in mind). I really hope so, because there really are no proper theme frameworks for developers (maybe carrington, but that one is a bit too complex for my day to day projects).

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t just another commercial theme or plugin store or shop, which will provide customers of those groups with a marketplace and community to sell and exchange child themes. iThemes Builder Theme’s biggest advancements have involved import/export and other tools to make development of commercial child themes easer. StudioPress, Thesis, and others have seen this as crucial to future sales of their WordPress platforms. Let a community of entrepreuners make the child themes that will sell future versions of these frameworks. Even Gravity Forms new beta and recent revisions seem to place additonal emphasis on skinability.

    What it should be: A real inline or front-end editor for WordPress.

    In the alternative, it could be a set of standards to make plugins and themes less likely to break one another. I think iThemes would be very interested in that given that Builder has a very different method of dynamically generating pages and LoopBuddy may or may not work across all themes.

  5. Maybe I’m mistaken, but it seems like they’re the group that’s looking to put on the for-profit WordCon that Jane mentioned in her WordCamp SF 2011 post.

    The @wordcon Twitter account is only following 8 people; including all 6 of the people listed above as comprising MassivePress’s roster (in addition to Bradford Ulrich and Matt Danner). And while the domain name is privately registered, its domain server is the hosting company Lisa Sabin-Wilson co-owns.

    Lisa may be who Jane referred to as “a former WordCamp organizer” (after a change of pronoun), though one of the other MP people may also fit that description.

    That’s my guess.

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