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Richard, commenter number 11, has won a book. Thanks everyone for giving it a shot, we’ll be posting another giveaway soon! Richard, we’ll be in touch soon to see which book you would like to receive.

If there’s one thing we really enjoy around here, it’s giving away awesome WordPress goodies. We love that you get excited about it (which is great!) but we also love being able to promote the great work being done by members of the WordPress community, be it themes, books, or Plugins.

This week we’re giving away a WordPress book. One of the interesting things about WordPress is that it lends itself to being used in a number of different ways. Developers and designers can use it, bloggers can use it, and entrepreneurs can use it. So books about WordPress vary on topic, from for beginners books, to how to build a business with them.

Available to win this week, we have:

Whether you are a new WordPress user, a developer looking to grow, or a web professional, I think there’ something in this awesome stack of books that could suit you.

How you can win a book

This week we’re talking WordCamps. How many WordCamps have you attended? Which ones? What did you like most about them? If you haven’t made it to a WordCamp yet, what are you most looking forward to?

For a chance to win one of these books, leave a comment and answer these questions. One random commenter will be selected to receive one book of their choice, from the list above.

Myself, I have been to WordCamp Chicago as an attendee, and WordCamp Atlanta as a presenter. I hope to make it to a few more events this fall and winter, and maybe (who knows) even present again.

Your turn. What has your experience with WordCamps been like? You have until Friday afternoon to comment. Good luck!

23 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win your choice of 5 WordPress books

  1. I havent been to a WordCamp yet but one in Melbourne (my area) is being worked on.

    I am defiantly looking forward to meeting other WordPress users and talking face to face rather than online.

  2. I have been to two of the three WorCamps held in Toronto and presented at both events I was at.

    The amount of good people you meet and the new knowledge gained alone is worth it but WordCamp conferences have also generated work, leads and partnerships as well.

    A must for anyone who uses the software.

  3. Hasn’t been a WordCamp in this area (Boston) so I haven’t been able to attend. I’d love to go to one for networking and learning the process of designing and developing WP themes

  4. I attended my first WordCamp this week, the one in Montreal (my home town). I was even a microsponsor at the event. It was really great, the speakers were amazing. I willd definitely be attending more WordCamps in the future.

    Cheers WPCandy! I am really enjoying your stuff thus far and the giveaways are great. 🙂

  5. I haven’t been to a WordCamp as yet, just got into WP recently and have only just realised it’s potential. Just joined the WordPress in Scotland LinkedIn group though. So hoping my journey will be an interesting one.

    Winning one of the books would be a real benefit. Thanks for all the info I have gleaned so far, and thanks for the giveaways.

  6. I haven’t been to a WordCamp yet but there are a couple that aren’t too far from me. Birmingham and Savannah. I’d really like to attend the Savannah one because of the area and history of Savannah, but any WordCamp would be great. The list of workshops they offer are really good so I’m looking forward to those as well as hanging out with some other WordPress people and making some good contacts.

  7. I havent been to a WordCamp yet and I do not know if in my country we have had one ( Chile), but I have been falling in love with WordPress seeing the amazing sites developed over the CMS.

  8. I’m waiting for WordCamp Austin in December to attend one. Austin is home to both Aaron Brazell and Chris Pearson, so it should be an interesting session.

  9. Went to my 1st wordcamp just this past weekend, WordCamp Montreal! Wow, did i learn a lot; I wish there was one every month!

  10. Haven’t had the chance to attend a WordCamp yet but I would one day love to. For the day I do get to go I’m looking forward to meeting other great WordPress users and learning a lot.

  11. I haven’t been to a WordCamp yet (just missed being able to go to the one in Houston), but am looking forward to my first!

  12. I had bought tickets to WordCamp Chicago last year but couldn’t make it as I was in the hosp.. Was honestly quite disappointed by it as I love attending shows like this.. Am a huge fan of HostingCon so it only made sense to want to go with WordPress. I made it this year to WordCamp Chicago and had fun–namely because a lot of friends were there. Helps make the experience a little more enjoyable! 🙂

  13. I haven’t been to one yet but hopefully that will change this year! *fingers crossed*

    I’m excited to listen and meet developers/bloggers that I’ve been following for years and since my social circle is non-geeky, hanging out and talking about WP with like-minded people!

  14. I’m currently living in Russia, which is why I haven’t had a change to attend WordCamp yet. More than that, the WordCamp has never been held here, from what I know. However, I’m eager to attend such event as soon as possible and the nearest time for this would be next summer, when I’ll be visiting Netherlands and then moving to US.

  15. I haven’t been to one yet, either. There was one in Birmingham last year, but I was scheduled to be out of town at the same time. I think there will be one here again soon, so I hope to be able to go. I think it’d be most interesting to see how others accomplish the same tasks (and probably more efficiently).

    Thanks for the opportunity–

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