Win 1 of 5 Premise memberships thanks to AppSumo


The folks at AppSumo are running a big deal on Premise today. Premise is the landing page plugin from Copyblogger Media, the same team of folks behind StudioPress since they all joined forces. Premise is normally $165 for unlimited API usage and support, but in today’s deal it’s just $95.

That’s cool, but that’s not really what you want right this second is it? You’re looking for the free stuff.

Thanks to AppSumo and Premise, we have five of these Premise memberships to give away. Instead of $165, or $95, or even $2, these five memberships are completely free. If you want one, here’s how to get it.

How to win a copy of Premise

Like all of our giveaways, this one’s easy to win. Just leave a comment describing what site you will use it with, and why you need it. We’ll pick five winners in about 12 hours, so get to work telling your stories!

Update: The winners have been chosen! They are:

  • Elio
  • Laurent
  • ionutsabo
  • Sumon
  • Scott (the one who posted at 6:32am)
Congrats to the winners! If your name is listed here you will be contacted shortly with your copy of Premise.

33 thoughts on “Win 1 of 5 Premise memberships thanks to AppSumo

  1. I’ve had the experience of using Premise with a couple of clients sites and have loved the ability to easily create landing pages. Since I am pushing out some WordPress online training, I have considered investing in it for use on my own site. It’s integration with the themes is awesome and would love to get my hands on a copy.

  2. I am New to WordPress . But i want to Launch My new Sites with some unique Content and some unique landing pages . SO i am sure these Premise Plugins can be a Great help to me

  3. Hi there Ryan.
    I’ve been learning as much as i could about wp in the past 2 months. It would be about time somewhere in the near future i deliver my first wp powered website/blog. Premise would be a very handy tool for me, helping me get the best out of my ideas, since coding is really not my thing.
    Looking forward to hear from you and hoping i will be among those 5 lucky winners.

    Best regards.

  4. My organization, BW4W (By Women For Women) is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs succeed in a business they created. We host free workshops to provide women with information and tools they can use to grow their business. The free workshops we’ve held on WordPress Websites, and Blogging for Business, were very popular and helpful to our membership. I would love to experiment with this tool, and share my experience with this community, so that those women who aren’t natural marketers or web designers will be able to choose a product that can help them make their websites more productive and profitable.

  5. Howdy folks!

    Thanks for this great promotion. I think this is just the tool I need for marketing my website’s products.

    I’ve been a goose hunter all my life and I recently found a way to share my love of goose hunting, helping others learn about hunting and make a little bit of money off of it.

    I write reviews about goose decoys specifically for goose hunters who don’t have the time to research the latest and greatest decoys out this season.

    I plan on using Premise to test unique landing pages for PPC ads that I purchase on keywords related to goose decoys.

    I’m very interested in the ease of use of Premise. I think being able to quickly test headlines, sub headings, photographs and Web copy will help me determine exactly what I need to be doing across all my campaigns.

    I’ve got some stiff competition from comparison shopping websites so it’s really a great competitive advantage if I can have unique landing pages for some of my more profitable decoys.

    I think this may just be the tool I need so I am happy to enter this competition and give it my best shot.

    Take care and many blessings to you

    – A. Malone

  6. Would love to win this, will use on my football teams blog and news site.

    So fingers crossed and Goodluck everyone

  7. Wow! This is really great you guys! I’ve been following copyblogger media for a while now and this seems like a real gem in their offerings of services and products.

    As a WordPress lover Premise wil be really useful and just perfect for my internship job-board (powered by WordPress). I don’t got the budget to afford these kind of products, so this is be a great opportunity for me!

    Thanks WPCandy & Appsumo & Copyblogger Media!

  8. I would use it to recruit signatures for my e-petition and members for my community website about tinnitus and hyperacusis (the website is nearly 5 years old and got about 450 000 visitors but was completely changed in july to create a huge community part… a real challenge 😉 )

  9. Hi Ryan, my site is I write about taking small steps, and making small improvements to live one’s vision. Right now I’m putting focus into really growing my site. I’m almost done with an e-book and I’d love to have Premise help me create great landing pages and write strong copy in sales letters. Copywriting is a skill I’d love to improve upon and it would ROCK if I had Premise to help me get there! 🙂

  10. I’m new to affiliate marketing, landing pages are a weakness… too many are filled with cheap-looking graphics and I see the same ones used over and over again. Premise looks very neat and tidy.

    Would love to win a licence! Cheers.

  11. I am about to redesign my website, which is a non profit offering Bible studies and resources to individuals and churches. I can locate many wonderful and feature rich templates. My problem has been in finding one that is attractive, feature rich, and where I can make a unique entry page.

    If I understand Premise correctly, it would enable me to do this which is exciting.

    I’m actually a WP newby and excited about moving into using WP as a CMS.


  12. I would like to use it for my for the Jari business.
    Awesome business landing page like this can add value to my business.

  13. Hi! The site that I am designing will service an industry in which the people that comprise it have to work at least two jobs just to do what they love. And what they love to do could benefit the entire planet if only the rest of the world knew about it. So, I’m trying to build a mechanism, a structure that benefits them both.

    The landing page for first time visitors will feature an autostarting 3 minute animation–an incredibly long but engaging piece. Risky, I know. This landing page must also provide a way to stop the animation and execute the registration/login form. Thanks for considering my request.

  14. Doh. I insta-bought the AppSumo deal as soon as it hit my inbox. Oh well, I’m happy with paying $90 even though free would have been even better 🙂

  15. Well I am entering. Being tinkering a lot with Studiopress and since the team is same I am sure Premise will be great too and help me in launching my friend’s sites easier.

  16. Premise looks really sweet and I will certainly use them for a couple of products I’m looking forward to launch and at least two of my clients will benefit from this in the short term.

  17. I´ve been reading your blog for all of 2 weeks now and getting very excited about the possibilities with WP in my affiliate business. I´d use the Premise landing pages to make unique landing pages for my coupons site with the help of merchant datafeeds – its always been a bit of an arse to sort out and I´m getting the hang of WP now!

    Thanks for the great info – WPCandy is very inspiring!


  18. “If your name is listed here you will be contacted shortly with your copy of Premise.” :
    Is it normal I have not been contacted yet ?
    Thanks 🙂

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