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Our friends at AppSumo have a special 24 hour deal for lovers of WordPress. Until 12:00 a.m. CST May 4th, you can get the pdf copy of Digging into WordPress, fully updated for WordPress 3.1, for only $15. It’s a $27 value.

Digging into WordPress is a book masterfully crafted by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr. The book is very user friendly with clickable links, colorful graphics, built-in searchability, and of course plenty of WordPress goodness for beginners and advanced developers alike. Digging Into WordPress 3.1 even has a nifty ‘wide-screen’ feature so the pdf displays on the screen just like the book would in your real live hands.

When Jeff and Chris aren’t self publishing WordPress books, they can often be found dropping knowledge at their blog, DigWP. So if you want to get a sampling of the quality of content to expect from the book, check it out.

In order to promote the deal, AppSumo kindly offered WPCandy three free copies for you, our readers. Our giveaway is running the same 24 hours as the AppSumo discount. Three comments from this post will be randomly selected to win a copy of the book. So comment if you’d like to win a free copy, and please share why you want the DigWP book.

But if I buy it and win, then what?

If you win our contest andΒ buy the book, AppSumo will refund the money from your purchase. So, nothing to lose! It’s a great opportunity to get an incredible book for dirt cheap (yep, dirt, I checked), and if you win the contest too, it’ll put an extra skip in your step.

What are you waiting on?

Congratulations to Robert Thompson, Free and Easy Blog, and Maor Barazany on winning! The book has been emailed to you from AppSumo.

118 thoughts on “3 free copies of Digging into WordPress book courtesy of AppSumo

  1. I want this!
    I need all the wordpress training that I can get and this looks pretty good.

  2. Well I would love a copy to learn more advanced techniques that could help expand my knowledge with wordpress.

  3. Great promotion WPCandy. I would like to get a copy of the book as I teach e-commerce and web development at a University. I love talking about OSS and specially WordPress in my course labs. Allowing me to have this book will allow me to talk about it amongst 100’s of students πŸ™‚ Have a great day. Best wishes,

  4. I really want the book because I think Digging into WordPress is the best book there is for WordPress resource. Months ago, I did not know anything about WordPress coding but now I’m able to do some customization for my WordPress site. This book would be a great addition for my reading resource.

  5. I realy want this book, because this is the best wordpres book out there. And DigWP is a great WordPress blog, so I can only imagine whta would be on the book !

  6. I love working with WP and am looking at going into theme development to be able sell themes for charity and this would be such a help!

    Good luck to everyone!

  7. It would be great to win a free copy πŸ™‚ If not i’ll be purchasing the pdf soon.

  8. I’m a Media Studies student who’s trying to teach myself as much as I can so that I can stay ahead of the curve. I know that I have to always continue to educate myself in order to continue to be successful in this field of work.

  9. Perfect timing!

    I’m actually on a stage where i really want to polish my WP skills to offer my clients a better service πŸ™‚

    I’d love to get the book!

  10. I’m totally new to WordPress but love it already. Think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. I recently was let go of my position of bookkeeper at work and need to set up a website/blog to promote my art and I also need to find a new career. I love software of all kinds and learn by reading. A copy of the book “Digging into WordPress”, compliments of AppSumo, would help launch me by leaps and bounds in the right direction as I have tons of questions and not enough research time.

  11. I’d really love to win a copy of Digging into WordPress. I’ve been using WordPress for my sites since 2007 but until now I still have a lot to learn about it. I read tutorials done by Chris Coyier and I find them really easy to understand and implement. I find his works easy to follow for people new to WordPress and extremely useful for those who have known WordPress for quite a while or those in the intermediate stage.

    I’m currently using Catalyst but I’d love to understand and dig deeper into understanding WordPress so I can create my own customizations and themes not just for myself but for future clients too. ^_^

  12. I’ll be straight up, I saw the word ‘free’ when I logged into WP, over it’s RSS feeds in the dashboard and here I am. With times being a bit tight for me at least, I look for any breaks I can get and likewise, extend breaks to others where I can. If the reviews I see are on the up and up, I don’t think it would be too hard to refer others to Digging into WordPress either, and I’ll certainly pay it forward by doing so.

  13. I checked the sample pdf. It looks like a very detailed book. It would be great to win a free copy. If not probably I will buy it.

  14. Would love to win a copy, but I’ve been wanting to buy this book for a while. I just haven’t done it yet. Would like to expand my knowledge of WordPress and be able to make great templates from scratch.

  15. I already have one copy of this book and I know it is great! I would like to give it like a present to someone from Slovak community because it can really show what WordPress is about πŸ˜‰

  16. It would be very, very awesome to get a free copy! I’m trying to learn all I can about WP πŸ˜€

    • Wouldn’t, that is πŸ˜‰ I’m not trying to boost my chances, but I can’t edit the above comment.

  17. WordPress – why use anything else? Dreamweaver is dead for me now. I LOVE wordpress – it’s ease of use, functionality and my clients can update their own content so easily. Love it!

  18. I retired recently, and I have a long-standing blog that I now have time to enjoy! I would love a copy of your book so much that I am on my way to buy one already.

  19. I am focusing more and more on WordPress for my designing so this book would be seriously benificial. I have bought a few WordPress books but this one looks very interesting.

    Many thanks πŸ™‚

  20. I have the pdf, I’d love to have the hard copy to flip through easier while working on some of the things in the book.

  21. WordPress is THE development tool to use. In my opinion there is no other substitute. WordPress is an environment where you are always learning. Getting a copy of the book would be a fantastic way to gain more knowledge on WordPress.

  22. I’d love to win them because I have just started building some WP sites on the side for some extra income. It would be a huge help to have the book.

  23. I love to have a copy, it will give me a chance to dig deeper into the wordpress engine!

  24. I love learning new stuff about WordPress! And I know a DIGWP book is an awesome learning experience! (needless to say, I want one!)

  25. Hi, I built my first WordPress site for our Rotary Club and the members like it. It would be good to extend it with the aid of a good book.



  26. I’d love to win Digging into WordPress. It looks like it teaches on pretty much all aspects of WordPress β€”Β many of which I’m not very familiar with.

  27. I just bought the book so I’d love to get it for free also. I’d had my eye on it for a while. I’m interested in learning more about the loop and how to make my own theme edits.

  28. Guys,

    what a nice giveaway! I’ld love to win a copie, why? Because I’m designing also WP Themes for clients and want to get better at it, Digging into WP can give me those extra developping skills to really make my themes better.

    Thanks for this opportunity, Cheers & Ciao ..

  29. The book looks quite impressive. I’ve been thinking about coding my own themes but wanted a book like this to help guide me. *Crosses fingers*

  30. Looks like an interesting book. I’m always “digging into WordPress” looking for new tips.

  31. Chris and Jeff are mad wizards of their craft, and that book would look awesome on my bookshelf. Like, awesome, you guys.

  32. Good promo for WPCandy. I’m throwing my hat in for Digging into WordPress. The book sounds great for clients who want to know more about their new websites.

  33. This book could not have come at a better time for me. I checked out what it offers on the authors’ website and sample pdf. It looks awesome and very comprehensive. The one thing I am not sure about is if it covers how to update themes without affecting the design and layout customizations for themes that allow this.
    Also the topic of frameworks and child themes and why they are seen as the preferred way of using WP themes. I am not an expert in WP and as such would be certain to profit from a copy.

  34. I have heard that this is a great book and have always been interested in getting it. I’m getting familiar with WordPress but because it is always changing, I’m always playing catchup with it. I hope this would help me be updated with the latest in WordPress.

  35. I could really use this book. I am beginning to add web design into my services as a freelancer, but I’d hate to jump right in without extensive knowledge of how to do specific tasks. WordPress is the best CMS out right now. And I would love to learn more about it, so I can be able to expand my knowledge as well as my ability to design. If I’m not learning, I’m not doing my job. This book would be a tremendous asset to me and my business.

  36. I had not heard about this book. I have been following Chris Coyier since the early days of css-tricks.com. His instruction is always clear and engaging. I think I am going to check this book out.

  37. Just digging into the capability of WP and am looking for all the education I can get so this would be perfect!

  38. Brian, I would love a copy of Digging into WordPress! I’ve been teaching myself the basics so any information on how to use it properly would be great!

  39. I installed a WP template and decided it doesn’t look the same as the example! I need this book!

  40. I need this book, too. Thanks for the chance at winning a free copy. I am very familiar with Chris Coyier’s work, so I know it will be helpful

  41. I have been using WordPress for a while and would love to get some expert tips. I am working on some custom themes and the information in this book looks to be extremely valuable.

  42. I would LOVE to have this documentation – I’ve been working with WP for quite some time now and am always looking to better my skills.

  43. Does this book cover proper ways to register and loop custom content types?? I didn’t see anything about that in the description.

  44. I have been trying to get my WP skills up in order to become a wordpress web designer and a theme creator. This book finally help get a great start on this process

  45. I already use many of the resources on the DigWP site and have been looking for a way to get even more (with a $0 budget – just had a baby!).

    Thanks for having giveaways on your site. It really helps the WP community!

  46. I heard Chris Coyier was a direct descendant of Jesus Christ and that it’s reflected in this fine piece of literature. I’d love to add his book to my collection!

  47. This book looks like such an excellent resource and actually understands what we, the wordpress-uneducated, want and need to be educated on. I’d use this e-book so much if i were to win a copy. Here’s hoping.

  48. For the first summer since 8th grade (4th year at university now) I’m gonna take a summer off and don’t work at some crappy job for no money, instead I’m gonna spend the summer learning and working with the stuff I love; mobile and web development. Winning such a bible in WP-development would be a kick-ass start!

  49. Nice giveaway! I’d like to win a copy to begin to explore creating WP themes and do a review of it on my blog =)

  50. WordPress has taken me from a nobody designer to an almost, somewhat, decent designer. Imagine the possibilities this book can open up … no really imagine with me for 1 sec ……………………………. yeah you see what I’m saying!!!!!!!!

  51. I’d love to win a copy of this book so that I can fix my wife’s WP site that she’s always bugging me to do πŸ™‚

  52. I would be totally into a copy of the Digging into WordPress book!! We’re currently transitioning to WP as a CMS where I work and I’m looking to get even more creative with it for my side projects. AppSumo ROCKS!!

  53. Just a note: this $15 version does not include lifetime updates or the reference files, which IMHO are more than worth the extra $12 to pay full price.

  54. Hi y’all. This is exactly what I was looking for, I already bought the ebook, and it’s great! I hope I win a refund hehehe… ! I’m trying to make my way in WP and this book is a great reference. Thanx in advance. Greetings from Mexico City πŸ˜‰

  55. Hmm….I bought the book last night. The Appsumo sales process was confusing: When I paid by Paypal, I was redirected to Appsumo and it showed me as being “logged in” for some reason and it showed someone’s hotmail email address. I don’t use hotmail and never entered one. It asked me to enter a password which I didn’t. I was able to find my download link but I am still confused what this login thing means….as I won’t be able to log back in (since I never created an account).

    Secondly, WPCandy says above that “Digging Into WordPress 3.1 even has a nifty β€˜wide-screen’ feature so the pdf displays on the screen just like the book would in your real live hands.” – Well…it DOES NOT appear to have that feature…I sent an email to the guys behind this book and Jeff responded saying he does not know what WPCandy mean by that. ???

    Finally, it was my understanding that buying this book as an EBOOK means I won’t get the themes and extras, but that I would indeed get any future UPDATES.
    Since this confusing APPSUMO sales process did not grab my own personal details, I wondered how the authors of this book would be able to notify me of any updates?
    So I also put this question to the Authors and Jeff responded saying that this Appsumo deal would NOT be eligible for any future updates.


    • At the bottom of the page, right above the “Buy Now” button, is this:


      Does not include themes. Version 3.1 EBOOK ONLY

      No future updates included.

      I assume that the widescreen version of the PDF falls into the “not included” category, also.

      These are all good reasons to pop for the additional $12, and get everything.

  56. We are about to start a web design business that uses WordPress and this book would help us tremendously as far as themes and training goes. Thanks for the contest.

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