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    Greetings everyone. I’m better known as ‘Steveorevo’ on the boards and I wanted to get feedback on what you think makes the best localhost WordPress design and developer environment. I created an application called “DesktopServer” and I’ve been adding to it regularly (there is a free edition loaded with features).

    BUT I want to hear from YOU as to what you use everyday. What editor? (Dreamweaver, Notepad, Coda?). What resources? (, books, authors). What versioning/backup/deployment utilities and routines do you follow? (BackupBuddy, WP-DB, phpmyadmin, the command line, etc.). What #1 item/process can you not live without? Fill me in here or shoot me a note. Always like to hear from fellow designers and developers and look forward to participating in the forums.



    Chris Aprea

    Editor: Notepad++
    Resources:, google
    Versioning / Backup: Mercurial
    1 Item / Process I can’t live without: HTML 5 boilerplate, 960gs, bones (all for theme dev)



    Wow. Awesome stuff. Thank you!



    Editor: Coda
    Server stack: Zend Community Server for desktop as well as server
    Theme Framework: Genesis
    MySql tools: Navicat Pro
    Graphics Editor: Fireworks
    Diff tool: Kaleiedoscope


    Machine: 13″ MB Pro w/ external monitor
    Editor: Coda (great for switching projects, but sometimes jealous of full on IDEs)
    File Transfer: Fillzilla for full downloads and big stuff Coda is slow at
    Locally: MAMP w/ ability to run multiple local installs in Sites folder under custom domains (Ryan wrote a tutorial on this at one point)
    MySql: Sequel Pro (awesome – free)
    Graphics: Photoshop 5.5
    Storage / sharing:, CloudApp
    Framework: Hybrid Core (awesome)
    Screencasts for clients (and other stuff): Screenflow (awesome)
    Windows Environment: CoRD (we have ie7/8/9 environments)
    Backups: Backupbuddy
    Resources: ThemeHybrid Forums (much more than just Hybrid stuff), WordPress Stack Exchange is awesome, also and Twitter friends, variety of books and tutorial authors are also great



    Greetings again,
    I’ve added NetBeans to my list. I find the debugger absolutely essential. I used to use PhpEd on Windows, but have been looking for a cross platform solution and NetBeans is it. And its free. Check it my latest tutorial that features it:

    Also, if you’ve come across any other best environment ‘essentials’, let me/us know here.

    Thank you for all your suggestions!



    I’ve added Coda 2 and AirPreview support now. This brings direct WYSIWYG WordPress template file editing (formerly only available in Dreamweaver) to Coda 2. Along with mobile device testing. This makes DesktopServer the only web server that enables Preview, LiveView, AirPreview, or instant LAN sharing possible with WordPress (instead of the dreaded “Fatal call error”).

    Video below; skip to 4:45 for Coda IDE features.



    Editor: Sublime Text 2
    Local: Built in apache/php with MySQL installed via homebrew. Simple bash scripts to install fresh copy of WordPress (create relevant db & configure wp-config.php).
    MySQL: Sequel Pro
    Graphics: Photoshop/Fireworks
    Framework(s): Thesis, Genesis, _s

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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