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    Good day, I admire your work here, a very good resource for learning wordpress

    by the way, I am a semi-novice wordpress developer, been doing wordpress a little bit so I understand most of wordpress basic stuff.

    I have a client who have an existing wordpress site, mostly the site utilizes heavily on wp pages not posts, now he requisted to have a “blog section”.

    The output I want is like this site

    I want to have a general page for displaying at least 5 recent posts, then have a next and previous links to go to next older 5 recent posts.

    basically what I want to acheive is basically what works

    what I did is use home.php to hold on the blog postings, then use single.php to hold each post

    now the thing in particular I stumble is when it comes to paging, i dont seem quite well get how it works, I have basic knowledge on the loop

    just simple illustration on how to accomplish this with just minimum code would do the trick

    i hope you can help me on this

    Thank you in advance

    More Power



    by the way, am not using a child theme, I want to do it manually on my own so that I could fully understand its concepts.

    Thank You



    I figured out now where I went wrong, when using a custom loop using WP_Query, the pagination doesn’t work, coz $wp_query global variable wont be available.

    the trick is to trick wordpress that we are using $wp_query

    Thank You Anyways

    More Power


    I am glad you solved your own issue with the $wp_query – we are a a web design Sydney specialist and have dedicated support team for these issues, but our team still need support for support hence arriving at this post!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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