WP Charity releases Salju, a free TwentyTen tumblog child theme


“Salju” means “snow” in Malay. And this new free tumblog WordPress theme from WP Charity seems light as snow. Or maybe it’s free, like snow is. Oh, I see: there is a steady stream of Javascript snow streaming down the theme. Now it makes sense.

The Salju theme is a minimalist one column theme with three footer widget areas, and a number of tags specific to tumblogging. The tumblog types supported are text, photo, chat, link, quote, audio and video.

Salju is entirely free, so give it a demo and grab it if you’re interested. It is a child theme of TwentyTen, so you will want to make sure that theme is installed when you go to activate Salju.

Do you run a tumblog using WordPress? Why or why not?