WooThemes turns four


Congratulations to the team at WooThemes. Adii Pienaar:

Today, WooThemes defines a large part of my life. And this has been the case for at least the past 4 years. Regardless of how confident, self-assured, independent or autonomous I am, I can’t deny the inherent hand that WooThemes has in most things in my life.

Gravity Charge will integrate with WooCommerce


Late last year we first learned about the next rocketgenius project called Gravity Charge. Carl Hancock, co-founder of Gravity Forms and rocketgenius, recently mentioned that he has already been in discussion with the WooThemes team about integration between Gravity Charge and WooCommerce.

I caught up with Carl about the new integration, and this is what he had to say about it:

Because Gravity Charge will have extensive and powerful content access control capabilities, one of the logical integrations would be to use Gravity Charge for controlling access to content, files and downloads and enabling WooCommerce users to use WooCommerce for the checkout process itself.

With those plans in mind from Carl, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a powerful and functional plugin, providing a great utility for e-commerce website owners.

WooThemes is looking for another developer to add to their Labs


WooLabs, which you may remember as the department within WooThemes that formed when Mike Jolley and Jay Koster joined the WooThemes team. Since they joined the team, quite a bit has happened over there for WooCommerce: they’ve seen 45,000 downloads, created 52 extensions, and developed 16 parent and child themes.

The various releases have put a strain on the team, Jay said, and in order to continue the growth the team is looking to hire an experienced WordPress developer to join their team and contribute to the WooCommerce project.

WooThemes is accepting applications on the WooThemes job board, which itself has a number of WordPress related work if you’re a developer that’s looking.

WPCandy Podcast 29: Christmas, because it’s Christmas and Christmas edition


This episode of the WPCandy Podcast sees Ryan, Brian, and Daniel discuss the most interesting news items of the WordPress community this holiday week. Grab a cup of coffee, maybe cocoa or eggnog, and enjoy the Christmas (Christmas, and Christmas) edition of the podcast.

This week’s podcast was a bit longer than normal (approximately 90 minutes) so the breakdown of topics discussed below also include approximate time codes, just in case you want to jump to a specific discussion that you care about.

Jump straight into the podcast audio here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

This is a bit of a long podcast, so to make things easier on you I’ve broken down what we talked about minute by minute. It’s just because we love you all so much:

This week Brian’s pick was the very recently released Gravity Forms add-on for the WooCommerce plugin (demonstrated), which he picked up yesterday. Ryan’s pick was the User Switching plugin, and Daniel opted out of picks this week.

Subscribe to the show on iTunes, or directly to the RSS feed. As always you can send any emails you would like to have included on the show to . The Download link is just after the jump.

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WooThemes offers merchandise, starts with Woo Ninja plush doll


Heads up everyone: WooThemes has entered another market. Granted, in this case the market isn’t so much a WordPress using, theme loving market as it is a smiling-yet-possibly-deadly-plush-ninja-toy-loving market. Along with their themes, you can as of now buy one piece of WooThemes merchandise: their cute little mascot, pictured above.

If you love the little guy and want to have your own, head over to the newly launched WooMerchandise and pick one up for $20. You have to hurry though, since they only have a very limited number (99 left as I’m writing this).

Woo Ninja Plush Gallery

If you could have a doll/action figure/plush of any WordPress-related mascot, which one would it be? Check out our mascot fight-to-the-death poll for a refresher on some of the more creative shop mascots.

WooThemes wants to know how you’re using WordPress


WooThemes has launched a WordPress survey that they’re hoping folks like you will take a look at. It’s a relatively quick survey with only a couple of dozen questions that shouldn’t take very long to complete. It’s not restricted to WooThemes customers; any WordPress user can jump right in.

And you will probably want to jump on in, since five people who take the survey will be randomly selected and given a Kindle Fire. So unless you despise reading on free electronic devices—and what a weird support group you would have—drop by their survey page (powered by PollDaddy) and have at it.

Speaking of WordPress surveys, you can always reminisce with the official WordPress survey results that were published earlier this year and featured in the keynote at WordCamp San Francisco.

WooThemes announces tweaks to their subscriptions


Change is a-comin’ to those of you that are WooThemes Club Subscription members. With the launch of WooCommerce, the WooThemes team has decided it’s time to make some changes to the Club Subscriptions. The changes to the Club Subscriptions, which apply to both Standard and Developer subscriptions, include:

  • inclusion of all WooCommerce parent themes,
  • inclusion of all WooCommerce child themes,
  • support for the core WooCommerce plugin (and future free plugins), and
  • a subscription price increase.

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Meta Review: WooCommerce plugin from WooThemes


The beginning of WooCommerce was not without a bit of controversy, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped many positive comments since its launch. It’s safe to expect quality from a shop like WooThemes, but even for them expectations seemed to revert back to cautious when it comes to new territory like e-commerce.

A couple of members of the community have reviewed WooCommerce in one way or another, and they are generally positive so far:

  • Alex King: “Great stuff from the Woo team here. I’ve code reviewed quite a bit of it and I’m comfortable saying WooCommerce is the best WordPress-native e-commerce solution available. I’m convinced enough that we’re switching to it from another e-commerce solution on a project that’s already months into development.”
  • Jeff Chandler: “One of the best things about the back-end of WooCommerce is that it blends in seamlessly as if it were part of WordPress all along. They did a great job of using existing elements that are supported within WordPress such as the tabs, file uploader, and my favorite little feature, the calendar. I only referred to the readme file once during configuration…I was able to configure WooCommerce without any issues.”

Then of course there’s our review that went up earlier this week.

If you have any more thoughts on WooCommerce, or if you have written out your thoughts in a review elsewhere, let us know in the comments below.