Max Foundry wants to take your buttons further with MaxButtons Pro


Max Foundry tweeted last week that they were getting ready to release MaxButton Pro, based on the open source and free version of MaxButtons available on

What the Max Foundry team is trying to do with both plugins, the free and pro versions, is to take your buttons further with CSS. If you’re a theme designer or even just a regular ‘ole WordPress user, you may find it’s difficult to create buttons that look awesome. They are trying to fix this and make it easier to create buttons that, well, look awesome.

The MaxFoundry team is getting ready to release the Pro version this Wednesday, and they’re offering half off the price now on in exchange for an email address.

Will you be sprucing up your WordPress site with MaxButtons? Let us know in the comments.

Max Foundry combines their various plugins into one marketing theme


Max Foundry has a handful of plugins under their belt: one each for landing, squeeze, and sales pages, one for A/B testing and another for making pretty CSS buttons. Heck, we have written about a good deal of their work. Max Foundry has taken a number of these plugins and merged them into their latest WordPress theme release, Marketeer.

The way they describe it, both lovers of attractive themes and those looking for an internet marketing theme would enjoy Marketeer. They love it themselves, so much so that they seem to be running a theme inspired by it on their own blog now.

This marks the third theme release from Max Foundry since they started releasing them for sale earlier this year. What do you think of the latest theme from the smelting rooms of the Foundry?

WPCandy Podcast 25: Too elite to be free edition


It’s time again for another WPCandy Podcast! This time we’re at episode number 25, otherwise known as the “Too elite to be free” edition. In this episode Brian and I discuss the WordPress news of the last week or so, talk a lot about plugins, and of course dish our WordPress picks for the episode.

Jump straight into the podcast audio here:

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Link-wise, this week we discussed:

Brian’s pick this week was Query Posts(which has been featured on the Sweet Plugin), a plugin by Justin Tadlock. My pick was Advanced Post Manager from Shane and Peter, which I admittedly haven’t tried yet but think looks cool.

Subscribe to the show on iTunes, or directly to the RSS feed. As always you can send any emails you would like to have included on the show to [email protected]. Download links are after the jump.

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Max Foundry Starter Kits discontinued due to work load


For some time now the theme and plugin shop Max Foundry has assembled and released what they call “Starter Kits,” which amounted to packaged up theme and plugin bundles to give site owners a jump-start. As of this week the Max Foundry team has discontinued the Starter Kits so they can focus on other, more important projects, Dave Donaldson said.

The purpose of the Starter Kits was to offer bloggers an easy way to get started with certain types of WordPress sites. Users could download a specific Starter Kit and install plugins and themes that Max Foundry recommended. In the end, though, Donaldson said that they spent a lot of time playing catch up to update the plugins and themes in their kits to the latest versions.

Donaldson said they would rather spend time on their own work:

Updating the starter kits wasn’t hard and didn’t take a bunch of time, but it was yet another thing we had to do. And as we continued to focus on product development, having to maintain the starter kits became a distraction, and the last thing we want is anything that shifts focus away from our themes and plugins.

Starter Kits remind me a bit of Jetpack, packaging up useful plugins into one bundle. Both bundle plugins for the convenience of the users, but each does it a bit differently. Max Foundry manually assembled the downloadable bundles, which required work each time one of the bundled plugins or themes was updated. The Jetpack developers, on the other hand, have chosen to only update the bundled plugins within Jetpack itself.

What do you think of the bundling idea, and the various ways of implementing it? Do you think it’s worth the time?

Max Foundry enters the paid theme space with Liftoff


Max Foundry, which has in the past primarily concerned themselves with developing and releasing WordPress plugins, has entered into the commercial theme space this week with their new theme Liftoff, a landing page theme.

It seems just about everyone is getting into the commercial theme space these days. Do you think the theme industry is still booming, or is there no room for those jumping in now?

Max Foundry tries demos to promote plugins, plan backfires


You might recognize Max Foundry as the group that previously released Landing Page, a paid plugin, and free WordPress starter kits. Dave Donaldson, one of the folks behind Max Foundry let us in on the story behind their latest experiment. In order to allow for more potential users to test out their paid plugins, in this case Landing Page and Sales Page, they released free versions on the directory. Don’t bother searching them out, though. They pulled them because while the free versions were online, no one was purchasing their commercial versions.

Donaldson said the decision to release a version of the plugin for free came when potential customers inquired about a demo:

We’ve been asked by a few people interested in the premium versions if there was a way to demo the plugins before spending money on them, so this is our answer. We figured we might well give people a taste and let them try-before-they-buy.

The free versions released to the directory had the same functionality as their paid counterparts, but fewer template options than the full version. Interested customers could test drive the plugin from the directory, the idea being that they would pick up the full versions afterward. But after only a week with the plugins on the directory though, Donaldson noticed that sales weren’t happening:

Well, it turned out that while our free plugins were on, we didn’t have any sales for our commercial versions. We put out the free versions in hopes to simply give people a taste of the full versions, but the approach seemed to backfire. Sure enough, not long after we pulled the free plugins from, we started seeing sales come through again.

The free versions are no longer in the directory. Instead, the Max Foundry team plans to demonstrate the plugins using short screencasts on their site.

How would you go about promoting a paid plugin? Are screencasts and demo videos the only way to go?

Max Foundry releases the Landing Page Plugin


Max Foundry has released Landing Page, a premium WordPress plugin that allows bloggers and internet marketers to easily create landing pages.

The plugin was designed to increase conversion rates and product sales. It features 9 customizable landing page templates that users can assign to WordPress pages. Available customizations include:

  • Background colors
  • Custom logo
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • SEO meta
  • Custom fonts and more

A full list of Landing Page’s features is available on the plugin’s official page. A single-site license sells for $97 and a multi-site license goes for $184.

Max Foundry starter kits package WordPress with specific Plugins


Max Foundry makes themes, Plugins, and Starter Kits for WordPress. The Foundry’s Blog Starter Kits are all-in-one packages containing popular themes and Plugins.

These Starter Kits could save WordPress users lots of time and energy by packaging common themes and Plugins into one downloadable file. As only freely available themes and Plugins are in the kits, the starter kits themselves are free as well.

The Starter Kits themselves are kept transparent on the site, with the versions of all of the assets displayed prominently on the download page.

You can follow Max Foundry on Twitter @maxfoundry.