WP e-Commerce rolls out a mandatory security update


With the help of Miroslav Stampar, the GetShopped team was able to discover a security hole in the 3.8.x and 3.7.x versions of their WP e-Commerce plugin. While the exploit is isolated to the Chronopay payment gateway, they’re releasing a mandatory update for all WP e-Commerce 3.8.x and 3.7.x users whether they have Chronopay enabled or not.

If you don’t want to redo the changes you’ve made to your plugin’s core code and don’t use Chronopay, you can remove the wpsc-merchants/chronopay.php file. This will also fix the security hole.

GetShopped adds GroupDeals plugin to WP e-Commerce, mimics Groupon


Wait, with Mr. Scraggles? Now that's a steal!

We learned in a recent Mixergy interview that Groupon started as a single WordPress installation. So it’s only fitting that your WordPress installation be transformed into Groupon, right? It’s only fair.

The folks at GetShopped, along with help from the Zao Web Design team, has released Group Deals, an add-on for WP e-Commerce that allows for much of the functionality within Groupon itself, with an online WordPress shop. Custom post types are used for Vendors, Group Deal Purchases and the deals themselves. The plugin itself is showed off in a Twenty Ten child theme (seen above) that is sporting the Groupon look.

GetShopped’s Justin Sainton explains the current state of the plugin:

As mentioned, this is very beta, so definitely don’t use it on a live site. We’d love to hear from you on any major bugs you’re experiencing and any feature requests you think should make it into the first stable release. Some notable features that are not in this beta release that will be in the next beta release include integration with the WP_Cron class to email all subscribers when a new deal is ready to purchase and also to email all involved parties when a deal is expired.

The plugin and accompanying theme can both be downloaded from GetShopped.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind: At what point does it make sense for Groupon to go back to being a single WordPress installation again?

Fixed rate shipping module available at GetShopped


Available at GetShopped.org now, the fixed rate shipping module allows local and small businesses to charge with fixed shipping rates. Special and custom shipping options are available, including adding separate locations. As explained at GetShopped:

…for example if your business is located in Manhattan you may offer free shipping in Manhattan, but charge a little fee for the delivery in the rest of New York. Or if your business is in Italy you may want to charge extra for delivery to islands like Sicily and Sardinia.

You can download this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Keep in mind, you will need the WP e-Commerce plugin as well.

If you are a small or local business selling products online, you need to check this one out!

E-commerce plugin GetShopped asks for your opinon


Dan Millward announced today that GetShopped.org wants your opinion on new features for the plugin. Candidates for new or improved features are:

  • More Coupon Conditions
  • Enhanced Multi Currency Support
  • Advanced stock control and pre order alerts
  • Enhanced Sales Logs
  • Stepped Checkout
  • Wholesale Price vs. Normal Pricing
  • Better Customer Management

There is also an “Other” choice with a text box to write in your suggestion. As of this writing, “Better Customer Management” is winning with 22.5% of the vote. You can submit your vote here (or embedded directly below, after the jump).

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WP e-Commerce 3.7.7 and Gold Cart 2.7 released


Mychelle over at GetShopped has announced the release of WP e-Commerce version 3.7.7 and Gold Cart version 2.7.

WP e-Commerce is a free shopping Plugin that can be downloaded from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. The updated Plugin changelog includes a number of bug fixes and better integration for the upcoming ticket Plugin, called TikiPress, coming soon from GetShopped.

GoldCart is a commercial Plugin from GetShopped that extends the functionality of WP e-Commerce. This update mainly brings fixes and compatibility updates for future updates to WP e-Commerce. Gold Cart is available from GetShopped for $40.

WordPress Shop becomes WPSwagStore.com


For a couple of weeks now we have been refreshing the official WordPress shop website every day, only to see the same holding page (above) for a few weeks. But in the last few days the (now) old URL shop.wordpress.net has started redirecting to WPSwagStore.com.

It’s likely safe to assume the shop has been renamed to the WordPress Swag Store, and it in turn is getting a facelift. The credit in the footer, next to the Automattic logo, credits GetShopped, the online home of the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin.

WPCandy has word out to Automattic and GetShopped for more information. We’ll update you when we know more.