If you must, do it this way.


Alex King explains how they handle including plugin functionality in their themes:

Since the theme is loading in last, we can use that to our advantage. If the plugin has been installed separately as a plugin (and not as part of the theme), we will be able to see that it is active. If it is already active, we don’t want to load it again a second time.

In our FavePersonal theme we added an additional check in the if statement to see if the setting to activate the Social plugin was turned on. This allows us to avoid loading the plugin if the site owner has decided to disable this functionality.

If you must include a plugin’s functionality in your theme, this is the way to do it.

The Weekly Theme Show #3: “He has risen indeed!”


This week’s episode of The Weekly Theme Show sees the crew discussing two WordPress themes in depth (FavePersonal and Launch Effect Premium) as well as the events surrounding a site getting hacked, and the personal WordPress projects everyone has on their plates.

Jump straight into listening below. Show notes are below the player, just after the jump.

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Crowd Favorite takes a day, switches from SVN to Git


With our ongoing clients we are commonly engaged in building new features and functionality while also needing to be able to make smaller changes (hotfixes) that are pushed up immediately. With Git it is easy for us to maintain development of more involved functionality in feature branches and still being able to push up quick changes as needed.

Alex King’s blog post explains their thought process, and a bit about their new setup.

Alex King releases post formats UI plugin


Post Format PluginAlex King and the team over at Crowd Favorite have released a new plugin with a different take on post formats. The plugin adds a layer of tabs to the post page, and each format has its own unique layout and custom fields to be filled out. You can view the blog post or grab the code directly on GitHub.

Post types are a relatively new feature. Up until now they have been relegated to a simple list of radio buttons in the sidebar. Perhaps this is the first step in post formats becoming a more integral part of the WordPress experience. The question has been posed elsewhere: is anyone else thinking it might be a good candidate for core integration?

WPCandy Podcast 24: I am Crazy Draft Man edition


I’m happy to be publishing episode 24 of the WPCandy Podcast. Brian Krogsgard joined me for the recording, as usual. We discuss the latest WordPress news and our thoughts on what’s been going on. Oh, and apologies for the poor audio quality on my end; my dog ate my mic’s recording and it’s the best I could do.

Jump straight into the podcast audio here:

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Link-wise, this week we covered:

Brian’s pick this week the WPAlchemy metabox class. My pick was Drafts Dropdown, a plugin I’ve started using recently.

Subscribe to the show on iTunes, or directly to the RSS feed. As always you can send any emails you would like to have included on the show to [email protected]. Download links are after the jump.

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Crowd Favorite launches RAMP to make content deployment an easier uphill battle


Crowd Favorite’s latest product, RAMP, is a $99 deployment plugin aiming to solve the problem of content deployment from a staging to a production environment. Instead of working to export and then import content from staging to production, Alex King and his team have developed RAMP to be as close to a one button process as possible.

RAMP will allow you to save content changes—including post types, users and menus—and deploy them to your production server as a batch. A brief video, embedded below the jump, will quickly walk through the intended use of RAMP.

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Winners: Results of Theme Madness Round 2


We have the results of Theme Madness Round 2 in this post, and there are some real upsets here. In fact, this brings us the veritable Sweet 16 theme shops in our competition. We’ll start Round 3 tomorrow, and take one step closer to having our Theme Madness 2011 winner.

Who’s excited? The results are just after the jump.

How we scored the games

Just to recap, each game was run on three fronts. First, we counted up the polls for each game. Secondly, we counted up votes on Twitter. Finally, we counted up comments generated (if they were) on the competitor’s blogs. Top score won.

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