A tour of the Headway 3.0 beta Visual Editor


Michael Martine has announced that Headway 3.0 is ready to hit beta, and those with a developer’s license should keep their eyes open for an email about it. In the meantime, the above video walks you through the new Visual Editor from the Headway Team.

As the beta gets closer, Martine says they plan on releasing more videos featuring new enhancements. We’ll keep you updated.

Tammy Hart’s WordCamp San Francisco 2011 recap at IPSA


This is a fun one: Tammy Hart presented her recap of WordCamp San Francisco at the Internet Professionals Society of Alabama (or IPSA) this week. She posted her slides in this video with a nice soundtrack behind it. A number of the facts and figures listed are from her notes from WordCamp San Francisco.

The SEO Rapper on WordPress as a content management system


Your day is about to be made complete. In this video Chuck, the SEO Rapper, raps about content management systems. He really likes WordPress.

You know, for a while there I was wondering just why I have spent so much time on WPCandy, and what it’s all for. Now I know.

Thad Allender interviewed about the beginning of Graph Paper Press


Just the other day Thad Allender, the founder of Graph Paper Press, was interviewed on Mixergy by Andrew Warner. They discussed the start of Graph Paper Press, how it grew, and the freemium business model as well.