Dre Armeda and security as a community effort


WP Engine has really been on top of the interviews lately. In this video Austin Gunter speaks with security guru (and WP Late Night co-host) Dre Armeda. Grab your drink of choice and sit back for about an hour to learn a thing or two about WordPress security at the community level.

John Stewart: “Before you could write crazy shit on Tumblr and WordPress…”


From the WordPress-in-pop-culture department, John Stewart mentioned WordPress during the first segment of The Daily Show last night. The precise clip is above, also quoted below:

Did you people know that before you could write crazy shit on Tumblr and WordPress, people had to type their crazy shit up and print it out on what was called paper and distribute it by hand, reaching only the few paranoid conspiracists who lived within walking distance of your, I guess what you would call lair.

I suppose that makes WPCandy my lair. When you have a minute you should watch the whole episode; it was a good one (on TheDailyShow.com or Hulu.com, pick your poison). Did anyone happen to catch it last night when it aired?

Miguel from Grumo Media sings about WordPress in this video


Miguel Hernandez put together the video above for Grumo Media, his explanatory video production company. The song is to promote his new line of WordPress training videos, and says that using WordPress is better than “having 2500 orgasms.” Yup, seriously.

The video made me chuckle, so give it a watch whether you’re a WordPress beginner or not.

You know, I was just thinking the other day that the WPCandy Podcast could use a new introductory song. Maybe I’ll give Miguel a call.

Demonstration of VaultPress one-click restores


The video above is a quick demonstration of the new one-click restoration available with VaultPress memberships. Now I’m sure the VaultPress restorations are solid and reliable, but I still think the owner who’s site is used as a demonstration in the video deserves some kudos. That’s brave.

Open source talk with WordPress and Drupal founders


The people behind the Schipulcon event managed to get both Matt Mullenweg and Dries Buytaert (of Drupal fame) together for a talk on open source software competition and open source communities. Running around 54 minutes, the video (embedded above) is a great watch if you want to hear these two competitors have fun talking about what they do and the community they’re involved with.

Forgive the audio for the first few minutes. It gets fixed around the 4 minute mark.

What do you like/dislike about the open source community?