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ThemeForest is the newest and hottest marketplace from the same awesome people who also created the famous PSDTuts, NetTuts, and FreelanceSwitch. ThemeForest allows people to buy and sell HTML/CSS templates, themes for WordPress and Joomla, and more. Templates and themes are going anywhere from $10 to $75, depending on the the complexity and quality the file.

Authors and Referrers

Authors receive anywhere between 25% and 50%, depending on if you agree to keep your templates exclusive to ThemeForest. Affiliates take half of a new buyers first deposit, which is one hell of a deal if you ask me! Read more about the Referral Program here.

ThemeForest File Samples

The Enterprised Blueprint by arunkurian92

The Cobalt Core Blueprint by arunkurian92

Our Community by kailoon

ThemeForest Contests

An awesome contest is being held for ThemeForest authors. Whichever author(s) has the most approved files in the Site Templates, WordPress Themes, and Joomla & Misc. Themes categories during the month of September will win $600 to spend on an Apple Cinema HD Display. For your file to count, it has to be approved during 12:01AM 01/09/2008 and 11:59PM 30/09/2008 AEST.

WPCandy is also holding a small contest. We’re giving out 5 sets of $25 to spend on ThemeForest files. All you have to do is comment on this post below, giving your opinion on ThemeForest, before Wednesday, September 10th, 2008. Of course, the more elaborate comments will be taken into account when deciding on winners. Winners will be announced on Friday, Semptember 12th, 2008.

* The winners have been selected and contacted! Thank you all for participating.

Review of WordPress for iPhone


On the way home last night I was browsing through unread feeds and saw someone talking about installing the new WordPress app on their iPhone. I jumped straight into the App Store and downloaded it for free (look for it under “Utilities”). The download was quick (even on an Edge connection), and within seconds I was setting up my own blogs and checking out the available feature set.

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Better E-mail Notifications with Clean Notifications


As we all know, the default WordPress notification e-mails, sent out for things such as comments, trackbacks, and new users, aren’t the cleanest e-mails we’ve ever received. They’re complete with the author’s name, e-mail, website, and even IP address, all listed on their own lines. And when you’re running a popular blog with lots of comments and trackbacks, it can get quite annoying to sift through all the information, especially when reading these messages on a mobile device.

Thankfully, Mike Davidson, author of the handy text replacement tool, sIFR, has created a plugin to clean up these e-mails. The aptly named Clean Notifications plugin cleans up those notification e-mails into a cleaner, to-the-point notification in your inbox.



Photos courtesy of

The Clean Notifications plugin is a free download from Mike’s site.

Download Mike Davidson’s Clean Notifications plugin

Thematic WordPress Theme


The Thematic WordPress Theme is an amazing theme, back-end and design wise. First of all, I’m a sucker for dark colors, whitespace, and Georgia, so you can guarantee I fell in love at first sight. Thematic has all that bundled into a professional and classy design.

What Makes Thematic Special?

Even among all those “premium” news and magazine style WordPress themes, I’ve never seen such a complex and also organized back-end. I find it very interesting what Ian has done with it.

Installation & Usage

Like any other theme, Thematic is extremely easy to install. You just place it in the wp-content/themes folder and activate it via the admin panel. There’s also an options panel that allows you to configure some stuff for the theme.


Options Panel

Thematic Features

  • Continually advancing SEO optimization
  • Ready for Subscribe to Comments, WP-PageNavi and Comment License
  • Fully widget-ized with widget areas above and below the content—and even in-between
  • A grid-based starting point based on the 960 Grid System
  • CSS Reset and Typography based on Blueprint and Tripoli
  • 3 Bulletproof sample Stylesheets
  • The sample stylesheets are aligned to a strict 18px vertical grid featuring refreshing and sophisticated typography
  • Built from the rock solid Sandbox, making it perfect for customization and marked up for customization
  • Editable footer text
  • Options for Multi-Author blogs
  • Access to the dashboard for logged-in users that slides out of site when not needed
    and more coming

Does this sound like a theme you’d like your site to be using? If it does, get more information here, preview a live demo here, or download it here.

Ultimate Baseball Theme


Category 4, authors of the well-designed Probama Theme, has just released another beauty for baseball fans. It’s loaded with features that make it extremely easy for even novice WordPress users, including Flickr and Scoreboard Feed integration. Let’s take a look at what Category 4’s latest theme has to offer. Continue reading

COLOURlovers Admin CSS Designer Tool


A few weeks ago I posted a list of 30 improvements I’d like to see in WordPress 2.6. Item number one? Customizable color schemes – possibly with COLOURlovers integration. Two weeks later, I’ve found a plugin that hits the nail on the head. The Admin CSS Designer Tool is an amazing new plugin that introduces the ability to change your site’s admin colors with built-in COLOURlovers functionality. Looking at the video demo on Ozh’s blog, it looks like a pretty functional plugin. Here’s what we think. Continue reading

Quommunication’s Video WordPress Theme


The Quommunication team has just released the feature-packed WordPress theme called Video. And boy oh boy, is it sexy.

“Once Video is added to your WordPress you only have to find or upload any video you like, go to it’s page and search the embed function and copy the code in WordPress to the body of your new post. To add some description, simply write it below the embedded video. That’s it!” – Quommunication

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Personalized Widgets With AdaptiveBlue


There are many different widgets available for you to use throughout the world of WordPress, but AdaptiveBlue makes their presence known by giving WordPress bloggers the opportunity to use a personalized widget on their blog. AdaptiveBlue is a company which is focused on helping to create the semantic web by using their own methodology:

We think that Semantic Web is really about leveraging existing information to create a better online experience for everyone today.

Out of the gate, AdaptiveBlue offers up to 50 different SmartLink Widgets for you to use. These widgets consist of displaying Amazon Best Sellers, your NetFlix Queue, the top artists on and a host of other widgets which utilize a number of different TOP lists from various websites.

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Themelab Releases Nature Blog Theme


This is a guest post by Jeff Chandler of

Ben Swift of has released a new theme called Nature Blog. The Nature Blog theme is a design that features a designated single column on the left hand side with the right column dedicated to content. The blog title is displayed at the top of the site along with the search bar. The design overall has a great color scheme and is easy on the eyes. The theme also features rounded corners which still look better than those hard edges we’re used to seeing. The bottom of the design showcases a repeating background image of a brick wall with grass growing on top which is entirely inline with the nature theme.

The theme features spots for 125X125 ads on the sidebar as well as a nicely styled calendar. The sidebar is widget compatible along with the footer where you can add three list style widgets. I don’t immediately see support for tags but thats something that wouldn’t be too hard to add. However, I think tags should be a default quality in themes these days considering that it’s as simple as adding that function into the theme.

Overall, I like the qualities that this free theme has but feel as though it could have done a few more advanced things which would of put this theme over the top.