Carl Hancock previews a new signature feature for Gravity Forms


While there is no real information about when it will be added, Carl Hancock (of rocketgenius fame) has shared a little video previewing a new feature for Gravity Forms. This signature feature allows you to, well, add your signature to the form before you submit. Check it out in action in his video on TwitVid. Or, head past the jump to watch it right here on WPCandy.

Since there’s no information about the application of this feature, what could you see yourselves using it for?

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Mint Themes previews their upcoming series of e-commerce themes


WordPress theme shop Mint Themes has announced their intentions to launch e-commerce themes, some of which will be responsive. Interestingly, they are opting to build the themes to be compatible with multiple e-commerce plugins, including Cart66, Shopp, JigoShop, Quixly, PulleyApp.

Up until now Mint Themes has focused on only band themes and church themes, but it looks like very soon they will be entering the e-commerce niche in a big way.