Easier Theme Development with Sample WordPress Content


Developing a theme for public release isn’t an easy task. When you’re the only one using your theme you don’t have to worry about expanding it, but put it into the hands of other users and it better be ready for any content they throw at it. Blockquotes, lists, and floating images – there are plenty of elements that are common to blogs that need to be supported in every theme you release. Cue our new sample WordPress content.

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The WordPress Starter Theme Project


A few weeks ago I got the idea of creating a “starter theme” to work from when I’m beginning to port an HTML template to WordPress. After I’ve finished the mock-ups in XHTML and CSS, it’s always the same process: copy the style.css to the theme folder, chop up the HTML into various PHP files, tweak some stuff, and ship off the theme. During that process I often find myself going back to the default theme for various tags, formats, and templates. Continue reading

WPCandy v1 WordPress Theme


As the proud owner and creator of WPCandy, I am pleased to present you my very first public WordPress theme. I’m not very creative with names, so I’ll just be releasing the theme as WPCandy v1, since after all, it was the WPCandy’s first theme. If you’re a long time visitor/reader of WPCandy, you’ll probably know which theme I’m referring to. Let’s find out more about this theme, shall we?

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WordPress Reference Guide


Alright, who’s up for a free WordPress Reference Guide? Pfft I know I am! Well a few months ago I was looking for a simple web page or PDF where I could copy and paste the PHP snippets for WordPress. After a bit of researching, I never really found what I was looking for! Shame huh?

I’m proud to introduce you to my new friend!

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