Interview with Shayne Sanderson of 9seeds at WordCamp Phoenix


Shayne Sanderson is one of the co-founders of 9seeds, a WordPress development shop. At WordCamp Phoenix he ran a WordPress for beginners course on Friday (all day) and a session on Saturday on WordPress and e-commerce.

Shayne has spoken at and attended a number of WordCamps (10 in 2010!), but I first met him at WordCamp Detroit a few months ago. He and his team are doing a lot of cool work with WordPress, and we talk about it a bit in this interview. We also discuss how he has introduced his son to WordPress, and the important he sees that it has in their lives.

Watch it just after the break.

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Interview with Brad Williams of WebDevStudios at WordCamp Phoenix


I was excited to be able to speak with Brad Williams of WebDevStudios at WordCamp Phoenix this weekend. Brad co-authored Professional WordPress and the upcoming Professional WordPress Plugin Development, so we chatted about that a bit. We also talked about his team at WebDevStudios, and what it is about WordPress development that interests him the most.

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Interview with Matt Danner, of iThemes, at WordCamp Phoenix


I was able to grab a few minutes with Matt Danner, Builder child theme maestro for iThemes. We talked about how he got started at iThemes, what he does, how their team works locally, together in one room, and just how they decide which project to work on next.

The video is a little dark at the beginning, but it clears up. Enjoy the WordCamp attendees walking by in the background, awkwardly trying to avoid the camera. Win.

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Interview with Grant and Clay Griffiths of Headway Themes at WordCamp Phoenix


I met both Grant and Clay Griffiths in person for the first time this weekend at WordCamp Phoenix. They were nice enough to sit down with me and chat a bit about what makes Headway special, how they work together as a father and son team, and what they’d like to see from WordPress in the future. Oh, and we touched a bit on the latest MassivePress news too.

It’s a quick interview, but there are great insights packed into it. Watch Grant and Clay talk about Headway, just after the jump.

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Interview with Cory Miller of iThemes at WordCamp Phoenix


Cory Miller, who launched MassivePress with others today, spoke with me for a few minutes about getting iThemes started, building a business around WordPress, and what to expect with the upcoming WordCon.

We talk about what excites Cory about WordPress, and his entrepreneurial spirit. This guy has been building WordPress businesses for about as long as anyone, so don’t miss this quick interview.

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Q & A with Orman Clark, creator of Premium Pixels and WordPress awesomeness


Orman Clark of Premium PixelsOrman Clark is a WordPress theme author and the founder of Premium Pixels. Orman got started as a graphic designer in the British Armed Forces and has significant experience in web design, graphic design, and SEO with both large and small companies. Today, Orman is freelancing and creating WordPress awesomeness from the United Kingdom.

Orman’s latest ventures have been huge hits. In October, he launched Premium Pixels, a place to share free resources for designers. His excellent tutorials and freebies have made him quite popular in the design world and he already has over 4,600 followers.

He has also unleashed his design wrath over the last few months with three very successful themes on Theme Forest: Repro, Duplex, and Classica. His latest portfolio theme, Classica, has been wildly popular with nearly 200 sales in only four days.

Orman was kind enough to take a few minutes of his time to answer some of our questions about his recent success.

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Interview with Seth Shoultes of Event Espresso


I’m excited to share an interview with Seth Shoultes, the creator of the Event Espresso plugin. I’m excited for three reasons:

  1. This is the first addition to the Indie Interview Series this year.
  2. This is the first time I’ve interviewed a developer making a living primarily off of a WordPress plugin, and not a theme.
  3. Seth is a fun guy, and we had a good time chatting.

In the interview, embedded after the jump, we discussed where Event Espresso came from, the process of leaving his job to be his own boss, and what the landscape looks like for developers interested in making money off of WordPress plugins. There’s also talk of marketing, when to give discounts, and the biggest support pains sprinkled throughout as well.

If you are interested in WordPress plugins, working for yourself, or get excited by those passionate about WordPress (that covers all of you, right?) then you will enjoy this interview.

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Interview with the organizers of WordCamp Phoenix 2011


WordCamp Phoenix is fast approaching, so I sat down tonight with Amanda Blum and Chuck Reynolds, the lead organizers for next week’s event, and chatted a bit. We talked about what will be most exciting about next week’s event, the work they put into organizing it, and their advice for those organizing their own WordCamps in the future.

Whether you’re attending Phoenix next week, would like to go, or are planning your own WordCamp event, you will enjoy this interview. Video’s after the jump.

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Interview with Anthony Montalbano, organizer of WordCamp Detroit 2010


Today we start a new interview series that I’m pretty excited about, that is the WordCamp Interview Series. In this series we will be sitting down and interviewing the organizers behind various WordCamp events, finding out what it takes to run an event like WordCamp and what about the organizers motivates them to give up so much of their lives to help make WordCamps happen.

Anthony Montalbano was the organizer of WordCamp Detroit 2010, the first WordCamp to happen in Detroit. In this interview we talk about why he was motivated to start an event in Detroit, how it came together, and what he considers the toughest part about running a WordCamp.

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Interview with John Saddington of Standard Theme


John Saddington is an entreprenuer among entreprenuers. He has built and sold a WordPress theme called Standard Theme; he runs a network of niche blogs called The 8BIT Network; he recently started a blog for bloggers called TentBlogger; and he is part of a tech startup called SoChurch. Funny thing is, I’m probably leaving a few things out.

Naturally, I had to sit down with him a bit as part of our Indie Interview series, where we speak with members of the WordPress community building careers on top of the WordPress platform.

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