Interview with Ron and Andrea Rennick, WordPress gurus (plus a discount code)


I’m very pleased to say that I recently had the opportunity to interview Ron and Andrea Rennick. They are two very valuable contributors to the WordPress project. Their expertise is WordPress Multisite, and much of their business today is around Multisite plugins, WordPress ebooks, and development specifically for multisite.

If you’d like, jump straight into the interview:

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The download link and information about the discount code are just after the jump.

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Interview with the authors of Professional WordPress Plugin Development


I was very excited last night to get to sit down with the three authors the brand new Professional WordPress Plugin Development, Brad Williams, Ozh Richards, and Justin Tadlock. All three were kind enough to join me on the WPCandy Stream and record an interview with me, which you can listen to below.

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In the interview we discussed how it came about that they all collaborated on this book, what they learned during the process, and how they practically managed the collaboration process. I’m also happy to say that this interview was the first time the three have shared a phone call. Think about that one for a second.

Of course if you read WPCandy, you should absolutely purchase Professional WordPress Plugin Development. While I can’t officially review it yet (my copy’s in the mail), knowing the quality of work that these guys do individually I expect only the best from their book.

The interview runs about 45 minutes, and of course concludes with their own individual WordPress plugin picks at the end. Oh, and a few times in the interview I reference a video Ozh made to assist people pronouncing his name, which is why I might pronounce it halfway decently in the recording.

So who has their book already headed their way?

Interview with Brian McDaniel: Getting WordPress gigs from social media


There have been days for all of us where we have been sitting at our desk in the office and the thought of chucking it all and just setting up our own shop crosses our minds. No lame meetings, no politics, just doing what we are passionate about and ditching lame clients. Come on, admit it.

What has held most of us back is that pesky notion of paying bills and eating that really gets in the way of following our dreams. If you have ever had your own consulting business you are painfully aware of the “feast or famine” effect that makes us rethink the whole thing. If you are considering a career freelancing with WordPress one question you are likely to have is: Where will I get exposure and find clients?

Today we are interviewing Brian McDaniel (aka BK MacDaddy) a WordPress freelancer that has been pretty successful at keeping himself busy with the help of social media. In the interests of full disclosure, Brian and I were following each other on Twitter and we found mutual interests and eventually met up based on what we were tweeting about. When Brian announced he was moving back to San Francisco on Twitter, via a series of messages we ended up getting together for a couple of beers with a few other friends.

Read the full interview just after the break.

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Interview with Lance Willett of Automattic on premium themes


Last week saw a pretty huge announcement: is now offering premium themes, one from WooThemes and the other from The Theme Foundry. And by all accounts the Automattic Theme Team plans on adding quite a few more paid themes to yet this year. We dug into the announcement and background information last week, but still had a few questions. So we sat down for a few minutes with Lance Willett, of Automattic, to see if he could share a bit more with us about the latest addition to

Lance Willett is a Theme Wrangler at Automattic. The Theme Wranglers, also referred to as the Theme Team, spend their days and nights thinking about how to improve WordPress themes. In the interview, posted below, we discuss the response they’ve seen to the themes on, theme pricing, and even Automattic’s plans to throw their hat into the paid theme market.

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Interview with David Perel of Obox Themes


I had a great time interviewing David Perel of Obox Themes recently. We discussed how Obox started out, where the name came from, and how they decide what project to take on next.

David and his brother came to WordPress in an interesting way, actually from working primarily with ColdFusion a few years ago to working almost exclusively with WordPress now.

The full interview is after the jump, don’t miss it!

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Interview with Jerome Degl’innocenti of recently launched


There is no question that WordPress jobs are huge nowadays. Recently self-proclaimed WordPress fanatic Jerome Degl’innocenti launched WPHired, a new WordPress jobs board. He put it together during his spare time, and hopes it will help those interested in finding new WordPress opportunities.

In this interview we talk about why he decided to build it, how he did, and what he is looking to do in the future. Oh, and you get to hear me butcher another name. So good for you.

Full interview is after the jump.

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Interview with Ptah Dunbar of WP Framework and DevPress at WordCamp Phoenix


So there’s Ptah Dunbar. I feel like every WordCamp I see him at (and this makes two) I end up saying: “It’s not fair. You can either really know your code, or be really slick. You can’t be both, it’s just not fair.” Ptah actually wrote a couple of posts here back in the earliest of early days at WPCandy, so clearly his is very, very cool.

Today Ptah is developing the WP Framework theme, consulting full time, and cooking up some fun collaborative stuff over at DevPress with Justin Tadlock, Tung Do (Small Potato) and Patrick Daly. In the interview we talk about all of these things a little bit, as well as what he would like to see out of WordPress in the future.

The interview is after the jump.

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Interview with Dre Armeda of Sucuri Security at WordCamp Phoenix


This year at WordCamp Phoenix was also the first time I met Dre Armeda (I’ve been saying that a lot lately, haven’t it?). Dre runs Sucuri Security and CubicTwo; the first is a malware scanning and removal company and the second is a WordPress development shop. You can safely add Dre to the list of WordPress folk that’s very busy, working on a lot of awesome things.

Wait, what am I saying? The lazy guy should totally start a few more companies.

Interview is after the jump.

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