ThinkMojo cooked up another killer video intro for WPCandy Originals


I’d like to thank the folks at ThinkMojo for creating another fantastic opener for our videos. The title screen is a logo for “WPCandy Originals”, a simple way of referring to all the various shows we’re putting together here. We’re using the clip at the beginning of each episode of First Taste, and plan on using it for a few other WPCandy productions that are on the way.

Usually when I really love a service I’ll tell people to go check them out and find ways to give them money. And ThinkMojo are awesome—just have a look at the rest of their portfolio, full of much longer and impressive animations. In this case, though, I’d rather not say anything at all so Sebastien and his team aren’t booked up and have more time for WPCandy work. They’re that good.

If you’d like to see the clip on its own it’s embedded just after the jump, or you can watch it on Vimeo.

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Become a WPCandy Pro for 50% off this weekend


One of the WPCandy projects I’m proudest of is Pros. If you haven’t checked it out yet (shame on you) it’s a directory of WordPress professionals located all over the world. Pros can be searched based on location, typical project rates, and specific skill sets. Or, put more simply, Pros is a reverse job board. Pros makes it a bit easier to find professionals, and in turn brings in more work for those listed there.

In the spirit of offering crazy discounts during the long Thanksgiving weekend, we’re doing our part and offering a special deal on Pros subscriptions. Signing up is still free, of course, but this weekend only you can upgrade to a Sweet Pro for only $10/month. That’s 50% off our normal offering.

Remember, Sweet Pros are given higher profile listings in searches, with portfolio images and other information much more prominent than Basic Pros. In other words, if you’re a Sweet Pro the odds of you getting more work from Pros are much higher.

No special code or anything is required, simply sign up (or visit the upgrade form, if you’re already a Basic Pro) and the discount will already be applied. This discount will run through midnight, Monday the 28th.

If you’re already a Pro, leave a comment below letting folks know why it’s a good idea that they get signed up too.

Introducing The WPCandy Quarterly magazine, pre-orders now available


I’m very excited to announce the launch of a project that has been literally months in the making. Meet The WPCandy Quarterly, our print magazine for WordPress enthusiasts. The Quarterly will be published four times yearly (hence the name) and be filled to the brim with exclusive articles from minds throughout the WordPress community.

The WPCandy Quarterly is immediately available for pre-order.

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Pressed Ads gets a bit more impressive in November


It’s a bit crazy that it has been a full 63 days since the launch of Pressed Ads, our invite-only WordPress ad network. In that time I’ve been able to see Pressed Ads grow a bit as well — which is what I’d like to talk a bit about today.

Starting in November (which is, well, now) you may begin to notice Pressed Ads on a number of awesome WordPress blogs. Right now you could spy our humble ad block on Justin Tadlock’s blog, Andrea and Ron Rennick’s WPMUTutorials, UpThemes owner Chris Wallace’s blog, John Saddington’s TentBlogger, and developer and WordCamp organizer Austin Passy’s blog. I’m very excited to see them on board the network. Not only are these people and their blogs awesome, but they’ve all been a part of the WPCandy community for a long time. It’s a perfect fit.

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WPCandy will be attending WordCamp Philly this weekend


WordCamp Philly will officially happen in around 48 hours. The event is sure to be outstanding, with some awesome speakers on the schedule. It’s a crazy weekend for WordCamps on top of that, with WordCamp Toronto and Gold Coast happening at the same time.

I’m also excited to say I’ll be attending WordCamp Philly this weekend. Besides enjoying the event — and undoubtedly the after party — I will also be performing interviews with, well, whoever’s willing to be interviewed. It should be a fun time!

If you’ll be attending Philly and want to say hi, be sure to catch me sometime during the event. Well over three hundred people are attending WordCamp Philly, so there’s bound to be someone who’s a fan of WPCandy, right? Well, one can hope.


Kind words about Pros from FamousBloggers


Murlu at FamousBloggers did a nice walkthrough of our Pros signup process, and a nice review of it overall. This quote stuck out to me:

Unlike marketplaces like oDesk where you are limited to what you can show to potential clients – WPCandy Pros caters to the creativity of the designers and developers so they gain the greatest exposure while on the website.

Oh, and that reminds me: Pros is still an awesome way to be found as a WordPress professional. Or if you’re so inclined, to find someone for your project. Sign up for a free listing, or create a Sweet Pro for more visibility. You know you want to.

Bring out the birthday cake: WPCandy is now four years old!


It was just four years ago, at the end of September in 2007, that Michael Castilla launched WPCandy. For the next couple of years he and his team steered the ship, until I acquired it from them and relaunched the site just last year. So while it has only been one year since I adopted WPCandy, it still has a few years under its belt.

In just the last year we’ve come quite a ways: we’ve launched Pros and Pressed Ads, both of which I’m proud of. We’ve also built up a strong reputation as an unofficial WordPress news blog, which is awesome. There’s still more to come, of course, but I’d say for 12 months of work we’re not doing too shabby.

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Introducing Pressed Ads, the premiere WordPress ad network


Today I’m excited to introduce Pressed Ads, our new invite-only WordPress ad network. Pressed Ads is taking inspiration from industry leaders like the Deck Network, Carbon Ads, and others and combining it with the unique qualities of the WordPress community.

Pressed Ads will see its introduction on WPCandy to begin with, but will expand in the future to other influential WordPress blogs. It’s my personal hope that Pressed Ads will provide a clean, elegant ad solution for readers as well as for WordPress businesses.

So in short, Pressed Ads have beed added to WPCandy’s sidebar, and you can find out a bit more at If you’d like to learn more about Pressed Ads, read on.

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Recording WPCandy Podcast 24 live tonight at 23:30 UTC


Update: This recording has been rescheduled for the 31st, rather than the 30th. Sorry folks! We’ll see you, same time tomorrow.

After far too long of a wait, we’ll be back at the WPCandy Podcast tonight. Brian Krogsgard and I will be sitting down to record episode 24, live on the WPCandy Stream. If you are going to be around, I suggest you drop by the chat room and hang out with us for a bit.

That’s 23:30 UTC today. If you’re not sure what time that is for you, look it up. On the show we’ll be discussing the WordPress news of the last week or so. It should be a good time, we hope to see you there!

What would you like to hear discussed on the podcast tonight?

Find out who WPCandy has written about, and how we do it


At WPCandy we have a number of ways we organize our content, like a typical online magazine would. For a while we’ve used these organizational methods for primarily internal means, with a few odd links here and there thrown into our posts.

Today we’re publishing new ways to navigate some of this organization, using two new pages on the site. The first is at and the second is at

In short:

  • Our coverage page is an alphabetically sorted list of the people, companies, and events that WPCandy has covered (with links to the posts).
  • Our series page lists posts grouped by our various series of posts we have running on the site.

We have big plans for these sections over time. For now just enjoy perusing our series of posts and trying to find you or your business name mentioned in WPCandy posts. Play around with them, see if you notice anything fun, and let us know what you think about these new pages in the comments.

Thanks again for reading WPCandy!