WP Late Night #23: “Bughetto”


Last night’s episode of WP Late Night, “Bughetto”, had the regular crew discussing theme philosophies, the WordPress.com homepage redesign, and the slew of WordCamps coming our way soon.

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You can listen in right now:

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Episode 23 Show Notes

2 thoughts on “WP Late Night #23: “Bughetto”

  1. Great show. As a suggestion, just listening to the audio is a bit tough. Could I suggest you live video stream your events?

    Two comments:

    1) Free plugins. Why? Not that I don’t take full advantage but that I wouldn’t pay $1 to $5 for a plugin? Sometimes a trend starts that simply should not start. Anyone’s efforts in designing a functional plugin should be rewarded by getting paid. As it stands now, free is the norm. That means when people see a $5 plugin the attitude is “why are they charging for this?”

    2) Themes. First of all, who is the target customer for premium themes? It’s not “John Smith” with a level of WordPress knowledge of 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. These people don’t even know they have to self-host after buying a theme. They don’t know it’s going to be like putting a piece of Ikea furniture together.

    If a developer wants to sell their theme to the masses without getting nailed on their support forum then they need to create video tutorials.

    There’s some irony in that more functionality = it’s more complicated = developer has more issues with their clients. Reference many themes sliders that are easy to configure but limited in functionality. For example, the Genesis slider plugin offers a lot of functionality but is more complicated to set up. A video tutorial walking someone through that process would be an immense help.

    So – developers – please create video walk-through that covers every aspect of setting up your themes. There are many great programs that will record your screen.

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