WP Late Night #5: “Plugins of mass destruction”


I humbly present to you, the fine WPCandy audience, episode #5 of WP Late Night, a weekly podcast all about WordPress with the same level of class you can expect from a WordCamp after party. I can also say, with complete confidence, that this is easily our finest episode to date. You’ve been warned.

This episode is sponsored by MonsterThemes.com (currently for just $22/year) and ThirstyAffiliates.com (running a 30% off special on the plugin right now).

You can listen to the podcast below, and see the show notes just after the jump.

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Episode #5 Show Notes

The only way I can describe this week’s show notes is hearty. I hope you find something cool in them.

Rejected episode titles

We choose each WP Late Night episode show title based on something that a co-host said during the course of the show. We keep a tally, and of course the chat room keeps a running list of the best title options too. Since it would be a shame for our rejected episode titles to go to waste, I present them for you here.

Remember, each one of these was said by someone during the course of the podcast.

  • Did you just say pReasure?
  • Some Svittle happened last week
  • Get those eyeballs on it
  • John Hawkins uses it
  • Almost like it’s a good idea
  • Right out of my mouth
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Did you mean type stuff
  • He is denied
  • Fat Brad, skinny Brad
  • 1.4 in production
  • The version I started on
  • Your plugin is a weapon
  • A helicopter pilot that went down
  • Ahead of the curve
  • I wrote 165,000 words today
  • Throw up a quick blurb
  • If it’s not in the cloud I’m not it
  • Then we need to incubate before we excellerate
  • Dueling saxes
  • A duck when I start playing
  • Recipe for your death
  • Doomsday clock
  • You done messed up
  • Irish with 742 cousins
  • People are hungry
  • I’m thirsty right now
  • Call me a plugin whore
  • Where am I? What day is it?
  • Digging deep with somebody
  • Five dollars is five dollars
  • The dirty two-two
  • Post number two event
  • The riot didn’t happen
  • The WordCamp hangover
  • Gremlins worked out
  • Psuedo Dan Ben person
  • I wrap quotes around
  • Hulk smash question mark
  • Double tapping zombies

Future shows

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4 thoughts on “WP Late Night #5: “Plugins of mass destruction”

  1. I so agree with you guys that Akismet shouldn’t be part of the core.

    WordPress.org is about being free and I don’t think offering a plugin that cannot be used by a business without paying doesn’t make any sense. I wouldn’t have any problem seeing it in the WP repo but it TOTALLY should be removed from core.

  2. The default search is awful, but I agree that core shouldn’t focus on that. I usually replace it with Google CSE (Custom Search Engine).

    For non-personal sites, I replace Akismet with Antispam Bee. It’s not quite as good, but it’s free for commercial use.

    I agree with you guys that they should keep creating new default themes. I’m not a theme expert, but I like Twenty Eleven.

  3. Thanks for the shout out of my Pinterest plugin towards the end of the podcast. I’m always curious what WP devs and designers would like to see as far as Pinterest and WP integration. I have a few more ideas of my own on the way soon.

  4. Wow,guys, That’s cool. I just found you podcast and site. I really like what you’re doing out there. Keep up the great job. You’ve got another regular for your podcast 🙂

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