WP Late Night #3: “BruddyPress” edition


In episode 3 of WP Late Night, the “BruddyPress” edition, Jake Goldman of 10up joins Brad and I as guest host. Dre Armeda was feeling under the weather this week, so we wish him well and a speedy recovery. In this episode we discussed upcoming WordCamps, the BuddyPress codex, version control, complex themes, and — well, at this point you’d be best just listening to the episode. It’s a good one.

Check out the various ways to listen after the jump, or get straight to listenin’ below:

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Also, because I know you love it, this is the time code breakdown of what we discussed in this episode:

  • 00:00 Show intro, howdy everyone
  • 04:30 Everyone’s week, WordCamp San Diego, WordCamp Phoenix, WordCamp Miami
  • 10:00 Twenty Twelve default theme
  • 14:30 Framework choices. Mentioned Genesis, Twenty Ten, _s
  • 18:00 Git and SVN
  • 26:00 BuddyPress Codex, Mediawiki, the state of the BuddyPress project
  • 33:30 bbPress 2.0
  • 35:00 Obox Themes color-coding theme widgets, the relative complexity of themes
  • 44:40 Mailbag (or the Ryan Duff section)
  • 49:00 Ecommerce options, legacy support vs. younger plugins
  • 57:00 Just reminiscing

And just for the record, rejected titles for this episode included “Underscore underscore underscore Jake”, “Million Dollar Idea”, You’ve been 10up’d”, and “Nobody else drinks from the Batman mug”. Yup, this one’s a gem.

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4 thoughts on “WP Late Night #3: “BruddyPress” edition

  1. 2 quick things. A) Not all your podcasts are categorized under your “Podcasts” nav menu.

    B) I was wondering if the crew has any advice for people trying to learn PHP. Books, websites, secret fraternal organizations… etc.


  2. You guys should test your volumes before going live.
    This is the 3rd episode and you haven’t fixed that!,
    I want to listen to you guys, you talk about interesting topics, but
    the production is amateurish.

  3. I’m just checking out the podcast. Awesome show! At one point there was a request for callers to call into the show and there was a brief discussion regarding audience participation in future episodes. There’s a free live broadcast tool used by @garyvee called Spreecast (spreecast.com) that may be of benefit to you for that purpose. The thought crossed my mind and I thought I’d pass it on. You guys do a phenomenal job! Keep up the good work and thanks for the creation of WP Quarterly.

    Best regards,


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