The Weekly Theme Show #10 “BizWay and Launchpad”


This week’s Weekly Theme Show featured a review of the InkThemes theme BizWay, and a new free release from Obox called Launchpad. We also spent a few minutes talking about child themes being in the WordPress directory since 3.4. If you’re crazy about WordPress themes, then this is a podcast for you.

This episode was sponsored by Harvest, the simple online time tracking software. Use the discount code “WP” to save 50% on your first month.

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Episode 10 Show Notes

4 thoughts on “The Weekly Theme Show #10 “BizWay and Launchpad”

  1. How to read a listserv mailing list easily and without pain:

    1. Get a gmail account.
    2. Subscribe to the list using that account.
    3. Make a filter in Gmail with these settings:
    – Has the words – list:””
    – Skip the Inbox (Archive it)
    – Apply the label: theme-reviewers
    4. Done. The messages from that list will be put into their own label, with gmail threading and all the other nice things.

    Email lists are but a basis for transport. Reading email itself should be handed by your email client. Which means using the right client to make reading email easier.

    People who complain about email being hard and such are simply not trying, IMO. That’s where this “Inbox Zero” crap comes from. Your inbox doesn’t need to be empty, you just need to not be stressing out over it. My inbox has several thousand messages in it. All of them read, mind you, but I don’t feel the need to keep it blank or something. I subscribe to all the WP mailing lists, each gets its own label and doesn’t go into my inbox at all. It’s a simple matter of setting up some filters for it to be easy for you to manage.

    • Sure, there are ways to manage the emails better. It just bugs me because email lists don’t seem like a very effective/relevant/fun way to communicate.

      • Each medium has it’s pluses and minuses. I think email is highly effective and relevant. “Fun” is in the eye of the beholder, but I don’t expect my communication methods to be “fun” in the first place.

        For example, I hate using instant messengers of any sort. They’re cluttered, confusing, and difficult to use. Retention of information received via IM or text is very low, archivability and permanence is zero.

        IRC and variants of group chatting are useful for coming to wide conclusions, but useless for one-on-one information exchange except in small circles. Archivability of these is basically a bad joke. Though it can be easily done, the difficulty of actually finding anything useful in said archives makes it next to worthless.

        Forums are handy for one-to-many communication and discussion, but only in the short term. Archivability is highly effective here though, because the discussions take place in “long-form”, which makes them relevant and useful for search engines. Discussions taking place in a forum remain relevant and useful for years. Unfortunately, forums are hard for many people to use. People suck at remembering login information, or navigating multiple forums, or searching before posting. So there’s a large amount of redundancy. The barrier to entry is low, but the poor usability causes much confusion and useless chatter. This is only mitigated when the forum’s target is a small subset of the population. The larger the forum, the worse it gets.

        Email lists are highly archivable, and the higher barrier to entry prevents a lot of off-topic or worthless discussion, unlike a forum. What’s more, all discussion is in long-form and therefore highly indexable and searchable. Relevance remains very high, often for years and in some cases decades. The information presented is retained far more often, because people remember emails and discussions had via email. IMO, email lists are the *best* medium for technology related discussions, because they cut out the crap from the non-tech-geeks. 🙂

  2. Crap. The above should have read list:”[]” Only with angle brackets instead of square ones.

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