The Weekly Theme Show #1: Probably won’t air edition


This is the Week of New PodcastsTM, is it not? The Weekly Theme Show is a brand new audio production featuring myself and two people you probably don’t know. This show will discuss WordPress themes, weekly, from a user’s perspective (and not a developer’s).

Justin Jones and Nicholas Weaver, who I can now proudly call co-hosts as well as friends, are both WordPress users here in my city. You’ll get to know them better as the show goes on and they post here more often, but right now all you need to know is that they use WordPress and WordPress themes a lot.

Jump straight into listening:

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This episode lays the groundwork for the show, and we discuss the backgrounds we each have in WordPress themes. In list format, we discussed:

If you’re into all of our podcasts (you crazy person) then there’s a master shows feed coming your way real soon. Otherwise, don’t let the slew of podcasts overwhelm you — if in doubt just stick to the WPCandy Podcast proper.

7 thoughts on “The Weekly Theme Show #1: Probably won’t air edition

    • John, you pushed me over the edge to start publishing online during you talk at #wcatl Wordcamp Atlanta two weeks back. Thanks for speaking!

    • Thanks for the positive comment! This is truly my first time publishing anything online, and was hoping the title would have held true. Looking forward to the next one myself, with a lot more prep beforehand!

  1. Hey guys! thanks for talking about our Moses theme, you brought up a few issues about our Moses theme regarding Podcasting, and Custom Post Types.

    We have fixed all the issues with podcasting in the latest version of the theme, we have completely re-written how podcasting is setup in version here are the release notes:

    Also we are moving our posts types back to posts in our older themes i.e. church, bands, are using custom post types but it our newer themes i.e. eCommerce they are using just the regular post which is what people want!

    If you have any other suggestions how we can improve let us know.


  2. Adam, thanks for listening! I’m glad you’re continually improving the product and are active in the community. Looking forward to the new releases as you guys publish them.

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