The WPCandy Show, episode 1: “One is the loneliest number”


I’m excited to present the first episode of a new production here at WPCandy: The WPCandy Show. We love creating blog posts about WordPress, podcasts about WordPress, and now, finally, we can create videos about WordPress.

The WPCandy Show, our first video podcast, will bring you the week’s biggest WordPress news in a quick video format. We’ll soon have the show available in other subscription formats such as iTunes and YouTube as well.

The video is embedded just after the jump, as well as the show notes. If you have a minute, take a look and let us know what you think!

Show Notes

This week on the show a number of news topics were mentioned:

A number of WordPress videos were also mentioned during the show:

Show Episode Transcript

Welcome to The WPCandy Show, your weekly source of WordPress community news. This is episode #1, and I’m your host Ryan Imel.

On today’s show we have a new WordCamp coming up, an update on Theme Madness, and a new record for WPCandy. Let’s get to it.

Big news this week, WordPress All in One for Dummies is now available. This is another WordPress book authored by Lisa Sabin-Wilson, the author of WordPress for Dummies, though this time she is joined by Cory Miller of iThemes, Kevin Palmer of Convertiv, Andrea Rennick of WPeBooks, and Michael Torbert of All in One SEO Pack. The book is currently available through Amazon, but will hit brick and mortar retailers on the 19th.

WPCandy’s own Theme Madness tournament is underway this month. For those who don’t know, Theme Madness is our game to determine the best WordPress theme vendor out there. Or at least, to determine which one can rally the most support. We are working through a bracket with 64 teams, and are currently wrapping up Round 1. Be sure to visit the WPCandy blog to see who wins the hand made WPCandy trophy.

WordCamp Seattle is happening this weekend, on Saturday. There are three tracks, a User Track, a Theming Track, and a Development Track. The special guest will be Alex King of Crowd Favorite, who will be interviewed at the end of the day by Nick Ohrn about his WordPress business success. Well, the other special guests will be the WPCandy crew, who will be there and liveblogging the whole thing, so you won’t miss any of the good stuff.

Big thanks to The Theme Foundry who powered us to attend WordCamp Seattle this year. Of course, The Theme Foundry isn’t the only one who can power WPCandy. Believe it or not, anyone can. See, at WPCandy we don’t take advertisers. Instead, we use a system where the community itself powers us. You can power a post, a day of content, a trip to a WordCamp, or simple a $5 monthly subscription. Every little bit helps us do what we do, and keep our content ad free. Head over to if you’re interested in helping us out.

We’ll be right back after this ad — no, I’m kidding. We don’t have those, remember? cofounder Joshua Strebel contributed an editorial to WPCandy last week, talking about how he has heard Tumblr described as having some of the strengths that WordPress has, and what that could mean. Be sure to read his editorial, and the 70 or so odd comments that follow. His editorial landed on Hacker News for a bit over the weekend, bringing in almost 8,000 uniques for us, a new daily traffic record. Thanks everyone, it’s exciting to see the site growing this way.

There were a number of interesting videos added to the site this week.

  • The pre-launch webinar for Allure Themes was posted — Allure Themes will be WordPress themes for the ladies. And for me.
  • A video interview with Adii Pienaar of WooThemes
  • Collis Ta’eed of Envato was interviewed on Mixergy, and we have that posted
  • Jason Shuller of Press75 and Theme Garden was interview about web design on Freelance Jam.
  • And we have the time-lapsed video, the making of an Obox theme, as well.

All of those videos can be found at

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to follow WPCandy on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, and if you’re feeling bold, power WPCandy so we can keep doing what we love. Have a good one, we’ll see you next week.

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  1. Sweet! Looking forward to watching this every week. Sometimes I get too busy to read all the latest WP news. Now I can just tune in to this. Love the format and loved the “ad” space. 😉 Good stuff, Ryan.

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