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Today’s Sweet Plugin will be best for those who have ever had to send instructions to someone—a client, perhaps a friend—instructions for using a WordPress website. Instead of relying on email or some other contrived option, WP Help allows you to write out your instructions within WordPress itself.

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page, with more about the plugin below.

WP Help

WP Help uses WordPress’ custom post type system to run a Dashboard-only page of help documents. I love this plugin for two primary reasons. First, it solves a problem by taking advantage of something WordPress does extremely well: managing stuff. Second, using this plugin actually encourages me to write help documentation. That alone is quite a feat!

Video recorded with version 0.2 of WP Help, running WordPress 3.2.

About the author

Mark Jaquith, one of the Lead Developers on the WordPress project, created this plugin himself. You can read his blog and his tweets (you seriously should).

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11 thoughts on “The Sweet Plugin: WP Help

  1. I really like the Dutch translation of this plugin ;). But all kidding aside, Mark did something more plugin developers should do which is getting people to translate your plugin in as many languages as possible to make sure it’s well adopted by the community. Just by asking on Twitter he got the plugin translated in 8 other languages moments after the initial release.

    • Ah, great point. Do you find that plugin developers tend to overlook translation?

      (I ask that as I think back and, yup, never looked into that for my own plugins.)

      • I too haven’t done this for my own plugins but now that I’m translating WordPress into Limburgish it kind of looks wrong when I install an English plugin. If I really wanted to use a plugin but I’m unable to understand it fully I’d feel somewhat neglected as an end user. So I think plugin devs can certainly put themselves in the picture if they build i18n support into their plugins.

      • Yes, definitely translation is overlooked yet! I am from Germany and have dozens of plugins, themes etc. translated. I could do a lot more but often developers forget to implement localizing or made the calls of textdomain wrong… I got a lot of developers already think about it and some are already improved their stuff but it’s still a lot to do here I guess 🙂
        Also, WP itself has to improve the internal management of the .mo files to improve overall speed – just take a regular WP install without translated stuff and then the same install in another language and you what I mean. (The German lang file for WP has over 1,000 strings and then add plugins, themes and you load an amount of strings every time…)
        I translated wp-help for Mark into German and it was a pleasure to work with him such a smart guy!!!
        -dave 🙂

  2. Hi. I’m enjoying your Daily Plugin videos. One thing that would be helpful is to also mention other plugins that might perform the same or a similar function. It would be dificult to do a full-on review of a whole class of plug-ins, but it would be very helpful to understand just what sets the particular plug in that you are featuring apart from the rest of the pack. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great plugin!

    I had a couple of questions so downloaded the plugin to get the answers. Thought I would share; Question 1. can you embed video from YouTube or private videos with player. The answer is yes and it looks great.
    Question 2. is there an export/import function to copy the posts/tutorials into another site. This one is a no, although I didn’t check to see if it would export/import with the xml for the entire site or how it worked with Multi-site. I will definitely use this with client sites, but would love to see an import/export as it would be painful to add the same documentation to any more than couple sites manually.

    btw thank you for the daily plugin, I have been using quite a few of the plugins that you have featured.

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