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Today’s Sweet Plugin is called Sidebar Login, and gives you a customizable WordPress login form in widget form. If you run any sort of membership site, or site where you have users regularly logging in, this one should interest you.

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page, with more about the plugin below.

Sidebar Login

Sidebar Login is a great widget plugin because, although many of us could write the form into our sidebars on our own, having a handy widget like this does make things more flexible. It brings with it all the customization that you could want, as well, so you don’t sacrifice power for convenience with this one.

Video recorded with version 2.2.15 of Sidebar Login, running WordPress 3.2.

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Mike Jolley is a WordPress developer, and one that we’ve written about before too. He tweets and blogs.

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  1. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks alot for bringing up this plugin into the daily plugin show 🙂

    If the website actually do let anybody register, will this plugin produce a “Register Now” sorta link?

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