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Today’s Sweet Plugin is Gravatar Widget, a plugin that simply adds a widget to your WordPress site (therefore one of my favorite kinds of plugins). Gravatar Widget will display the Gravatar information for anyone you choose in the sidebar, which makes it particularly useful for showing off your blog’s author(s).

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page, with more about the plugin below.

Gravatar Widget

Gravatar Widget allows you to select either an author from your WordPress site, or to enter in a Gravatar user’s email manually. You can choose the image size, the text that accompanies it, as well as where the Gravatar should link to. For most users, it’s likely all they could want to identify themselves in their sidebar (or greater widget area).

Also, and this is particularly for the developers out there: even if Gravatar Widget isn’t exactly what you need in your sidebar, it’s certainly a good jumping off point for crafting something custom.

Video recorded with version 2.2.15 of Sidebar Login, running WordPress 3.2.

About the author

Automattic is the development team responsible for Gravatar Widget, as well as the Gravatar service itself.

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2 thoughts on “The Sweet Plugin: Gravatar Widget

  1. Hi there Ryan. Can you imagine that i’ve discovered WPCandy just yesterday and since then i’m browsing its articles? Haven’t slept all night, only because of what i can learn from you guys. I started watching your daily show on plugins, going backwards through the episodes and i must say i was a little sad because it’s a new show of yours and it doesn’t have tens and hundreds of articles. I would have watched them all. Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much i appreciate your work, especially because i’m a total newbie. I began studying wordpress about two weeks ago and since then i’m day and night out there online searching for valuable stuff about it. My learning proces took a whole 180 degrees turn when i kinda stumbled across WPCandy. A moment i’m grateful about. Thank you guys, a lot!!! all of you!

  2. Hmm… this is a good start. I’d love it if they took it one little obvious step further. Rather than a single author, why not make it so that you can drag and drop an order for all of your authors?

    I’d be interested to see if this will improve or if another developer will use it as a platform to build a more useful author widget.

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